Global investors embrace cryptocurrency amid evolving perceptions, reveals Toluna report

September 15, 2023
Toluna Crypto report awareness.
Toluna Crypto report awareness.

In a rapidly changing financial landscape, cryptocurrency is gaining ground as an appealing investment option. A recent report by Toluna sheds light on the evolving perceptions and attitudes of global investors towards cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Soars in EMEA

One notable finding from the report is the significant surge in cryptocurrency adoption across the EMEA region, which has experienced a remarkable 15% increase in cryptocurrency penetration. This trend underscores the growing interest in digital assets among investors.

Investors Eye Increased Crypto Allocations

The report indicates that a substantial portion of current cryptocurrency investors (38%) have plans to allocate more of their assets into the crypto market within the next six months. This positive sentiment reflects a strong belief in the potential for crypto to deliver favorable returns.

Barriers to Entry

While cryptocurrency gains traction, several barriers hinder broader participation in the market. The report highlights that nearly half of potential investors (47%) are deterred by perceived risks associated with digital assets. Additionally, a significant portion (33%) cites a lack of understanding as a hindrance to entry into the crypto space.

Positive Returns and Diversification

Cryptocurrency investments continue to deliver attractive returns, with 36% of investors reporting positive gains. However, it is important to note that these investments come with relatively higher associated risks when compared to traditional assets. Despite this risk, global investors recognize the short-term growth potential of cryptocurrencies and their role in diversifying investment portfolios.

Regional Variations in Sentiment

The report reveals regional variations in cryptocurrency sentiment. In Latin America (LATAM), perceptions of security and trust have declined in Q2 '23, while optimism and excitement have waned, and uncertainty has increased. In contrast, Emerging APAC, North America (NA), and EMEA have seen more positive sentiments, with investors showing optimism, excitement, and inspiration regarding cryptocurrency.

Influence of Information Sources

Across all regions, investors' opinions on cryptocurrency are heavily influenced by information sources. Social media, online articles, and crypto-specific media remain the top sources for insights on digital currencies. Experts and friends also play roles in shaping perceptions but to a lesser extent.

Rising Crypto Investments

The report highlights a notable increase in the number of global cryptocurrency investors compared to Q1 '23. Leading this trend are Emerging APAC (with a 5% increase) and EMEA (with a 3% increase). These regions have seen a rise in the proportion of assets allocated to cryptocurrencies. However, in LATAM and Developed APAC, investors have downsized their crypto portfolios.

Expert Insight

George Akkaoui, Enterprise Account Director & Office Leader MEA at Toluna, emphasizes the significance of cryptocurrency in today's world. He notes that cryptocurrency has firmly established itself in everyday life, with major platforms and governments embracing digital currency payments. The dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency is evident, with varied sentiments and perceptions among global investors. These insights are crucial for understanding the market and shaping the strategies of financial institutions.

While some investors anticipate the continuation of the crypto winter throughout the year, cautious optimism regarding the growth potential of cryptocurrency remains prevalent. Toluna remains committed to closely monitoring and analyzing the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape as the world continues to embrace the digital revolution. Understanding consumer perceptions and investor sentiments is essential for informed decision-making and strategy development in the cryptocurrency market.

September 15, 2023
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