Israeli brutal violations in Palestine dismiss international calls for restraint: Saudi minister

November 18, 2023
Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Waleed El-Khereiji speaking at  the Manama Dialogue 2023 forum .
Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Waleed El-Khereiji speaking at the Manama Dialogue 2023 forum .

Saudi Gazette report

MANAMA — Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Waleed El-Khereiji stated that Israeli occupying forces are committing brutal violations against civilians in Palestine, disregarding international calls for restraint.

El-Khereiji participated in the Manama Dialogue 2023 forum hosted by the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on Saturday.

During his speech in a session titled “War, Diplomacy, and De-escalation,” El-Khereiji emphasized that the current session of the Manama Dialogue occurs amid tumultuous events in the region.

He highlighted the heinous crimes disrupting the region, including military aggressions causing thousands of casualties. El-Khereiji stressed that the continuation and prolongation of this war could lead to an unjustifiable humanitarian catastrophe.

He pointed out the tragic events and brutal violations against innocent civilians in Palestine, a result of the ongoing military operations by Israeli occupation forces.

“These actions, in violation of international laws and common humanitarian values, show a disregard for international appeals and a failure to avoid targeting densely populated areas, including camps, hospitals, and mosques.”

El-Khereiji affirmed that the Kingdom has sought to contain this crisis since its inception, intensifying efforts and communication with allies to mobilize the international community to fulfill its responsibilities and put an end to these repeated violations.

He emphasized the need for the Palestinian people to enjoy their legitimate rights, and he referenced the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh, which produced practical resolutions demonstrating unified Arab and Islamic support for the Palestinian people, condemning violations and crimes, and promoting a just and sustainable peace in the region.

In his address, El-Khereiji reiterated that international inertia, Security Council negligence, and selectivity in applying international and humanitarian law have consequences beyond the crisis, undermining the legitimacy of the entire international system.

He urged the international community to take significant responsibilities, addressing not only this crisis but also ending conflicts in the region, reducing prolonged tensions that only lead to division and destruction.

El-Khereiji concluded by emphasizing the importance of following de-escalation with a genuine and operational peace process, restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people through the establishment of their independent and sovereign state along the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.

November 18, 2023
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