AI showdown: HONOR Magic 6 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S24 - who wins the future?

March 30, 2024

The days of smartphones being simple communication devices are long gone. Today's flagships are packed with cutting-edge technology, and a major battleground is artificial intelligence (AI). Giant tech brands are recognizing the power of AI to enhance user experience, introducing features that personalize, optimize, and even predict our needs. This head-to-head analysis will explore the AI capabilities of two flagship devices in the 2024 smartphone race: HONOR Magic 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24.

HONOR Magic6 Pro: Pushing the Boundaries of AI

HONOR takes a holistic approach to AI with its AI suite. During the recent MWC in Barcelona, HONOR unveiled its AI-empowered all-scenario strategy where it showed that for device manufacturers, AI can be classified into 4 layers.

The 1st layer involves AI-powered cross-OS and cross-device integration. Platform-level AI can integrate various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and smart screens into a unified system. With MagicRing on HONOR Magic6 Pro, users can easily share and sync materials across HONOR devices.
The 2nd layer utilizes AI to reconstruct a single-device operating system, enabling devices to better understand and cater to user needs over time. HONOR’s Intent-based UI is one great example of this in action. With MagicOS 8.0, HONOR Magic6 Pro provides superb performance and generative AI capabilities. One standout feature is the Magic Portal. Built for seamless cross-platform experiences, MagicOS 8.0 uses AI to enhance connectivity for unprecedented multi-device interactions.

Also, the AI Motion Sensing Capture feature of the HONOR Magic6 Pro perfectly exemplifies this concept by automatically capturing the best moments for consumers without requiring manual clicks. The auto-snap function is based on platform-level AI, which recognizes scenes and objects and takes a shot at the most appropriate time based on clarity, movement, facial expression, and other factors. This feature improves over time as it learns the user's visual habits in the long term.

The 3rd layer refers to the on-device application of AI, including application-level AI like photo cropping and photo rendering, while the 4th layer is hybrid AI, or the synergy between on-device and cloud-based AI, demonstrating cloud-based AI capabilities on smartphones.

When it comes to security, HONOR pays great attention to user’s privacy through its AI Privacy Call feature. This groundbreaking AI technology employs dual-microphone sound emission to establish a directional sound zone. The phone's AI efficiently directs sound towards the intended recipient, reducing the possibility of unauthorized listening and guaranteeing the confidentiality of your discussions.

Currently, most manufacturers and platforms concentrate their efforts on the 3rd and 4th layers of AI implementation. HONOR, on the other hand, is actively exploring all 4 layers, with a specific focus on the 1st and 2nd layers.

Galaxy AI Suite on Samsung S24: A Well-Rounded Approach

Samsung equips Samsung Galaxy S24 with a comprehensive suite of AI features called Galaxy AI. These features are integrated throughout the phone's functionalities, aiming to enhance your overall user experience.

Samsung provides AI-powered image processing tools that improve telephoto image quality, HDR effects, and generative editing. Samsung's AI applications that utilize application-level AI empowerment can be experienced through downloadable apps which is different from HONOR’s Platform-level AI powered HONOR Falcon Camera system.

Bixby got an upgrade: Samsung's virtual assistant, Bixby, has received an AI upgrade. It now boasts improved voice recognition and a newfound ability to understand context. It worth noting that AI assistants rely on collecting and analyzing user data to function effectively. With Bixby's increased access to context and potentially more personal information, privacy concerns might arise for some users.

Circle to Search: Circle to Search is a feature powered by Google on Samsung Galaxy S24, enabling you to swiftly search for information related to what's displayed on your screen, whether it's images, videos, or text. You can utilize this functionality with a simple gesture using your finger or the S Pen. With an internet connection, an image on your Galaxy phone's screen, and just a few quick steps, you can search the internet by circling something in the picture.

Both flagship devices run on the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, which provide a wide range of AI generative capabilities. By providing command to the on-device smart voice assistant, users can easily create short videos featuring photos and footage stored on their devices. Templates, themes and music of the generated videos can also be customized with additional prompts for personalized results.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your needs. If you crave a comprehensive and polished AI experience that integrates seamlessly into your life, Samsung Galaxy S24 might be good option for you. But if you're excited about groundbreaking features that redefine how you interact with your phone, HONOR Magic6 Pro could be your perfect AI match specially when it comes to on-device AI.

March 30, 2024
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