21, 39 Jeddah Arts Program

Opening of “Moallaqat”, a group exhibition of Contemporary Saudi artists

21, 39 Jeddah Arts Program
21, 39 Jeddah Arts Program

  Day 1 - February 4th, 2014


Opening of “Moallaqat”, a group exhibition of Contemporary Saudi artists

This exhibition is named after the early Arab phenomenon of the Moallaqat; when the seven finest poems by the most renowned poets of the time were hung around the Ka’ba. The artists in this exhibition explore the themes of the Moallaqat and all that they represent, such as poetry, identity, history, language, heritage, culture, love and war. Using mediums across the spectrum of contemporary art, including painting, photography, video and installation, the artists use this early example of public art as a window into how we understand ourselves today.

Vision of: Hamza Serafi Curated by :Aya Alireza & Raneem Farsi

Opening of “Past is Prologue”, a group exhibition of Modern Saudi artists: Exhibiting 24artworks of Saudi modern artists, this group show provides a capsule glimpse into the history of 20th Century art in the Kingdom and sheds light on the foundations of the contemporary art movement that is growing in acclaim today. ‘Past is Prologue’ pays tribute to the early generations of artists who were the trailblazers and foundation-builders.

Vision of: Hamza Serafi Curated by :Aya Alireza & Raneem Farsi

Book Launch “Contemporary Kingdom: The Saudi Art Scene now”

A hardcover book published by Canvas Central, which offers a comprehensive overview of the country’s artistic practice including artists, galleries, initiatives and patrons.

 Day 2 - February 5th 2014

    11:00am – 2:00pm Special exhibition held at Darat Safeya Binzagr

‘21,39’Jeddah Arts celebrates the art and museum of modern artist Safeya Binzagr and will be holding special guided tours for the public during the opening days, February 5th, 6th and 8th.

  8:00 pm Gallery visits (opening night)

 Gallery Naila from Riyadh showcasing a pop up exhibition in a temporary space in Jeddah

Show Title: From The Past

Location: Coco Mat Jeddah –Tahlia Street, Hail Street by Majra AlSeil Dates: Feb 5th –9th, 2014 Opening: Wednesday Feb 5th, 7.00pm

For ‘21,31’ Riyadh-based Naila Art Gallery will be exploring the concepts of preserving Saudi Arabian legacy, specifically using photograph manipulation. Naila Art Gallery will be exhibiting three Saudi artists Marwah Al Mugait, Ayman Zedani, and Shadia Alem. Zedani’s wet plate photography explores concept of old Saudi Arabia, while Alem shoots and also creates photocollages specifically Jeddah themed and lastly, AlMugait photographs Saudi dress to illustrate the personal link between textile artifacts and individuals Participating Artists: Marwa Al-Mugait, Ayman Zedani, Caroline Havers, Muhammad Zaza, Toufic Alhamidi, Fahad Al-Niemah, Abdulla Al Marzook

 Atelier Jeddah

Show Title: Black and White

Location: Atelier Jeddah Gallery, Tahlia Street Dates: Feb 6th –20th, 2014 Opening: Wednesday Feb 6th, 8.00pm Participating Saudi artists: Taha Sabban, Abdullah Hammas, Fahad AlHujailan, Shalimar Shurbatly, Abdullah Edrees, AbdulRahman Almaghrabi Participating artists from Egypt and Soudan: Rabab Nimr, Jameel Shafeeq Al Zaeem, Ahmed Mohammed Sabri, Omar Sabeer

 Tasami Gallery

Show Title: Side Effects

Location: Tasami Gallery, Serafi Mega Mall Dates: Feb 5th –March 5th, 2014 Opening: Wednesday Feb 5th, 8.00pm A group exhibition of contemporary Saudi artists: Ashjan Alsulaimani, Ayman Hafiz, Khalid AlAmeer, Mona Sunbul, Mansour Ashmouni, Heba Abed, Sami AlJuraidi, Majid AlThubaiti, Moudi Abdulaziz, Saeed Qamhawi, Sara Khoja, Mohammed Haidar, Ezzat AlBatrawi, Noura AlMazroo’a, AbdulAziz AlMahdi, Khaled Oreej

  Athr Gallery

Show Title: Desert of Pharan

Location: Athr Gallery, 5th floor, office tower, Serafi Mega Mall Dates: Feb 5th –April 1st, 2014 Opening: Wednesday Feb 5th, 08.30pm

Curated by: Catherine David A multimedia solo exhibition by Ahmed Mater, unofficially documenting the massive change in Mecca.

* Athr gallery will also be showing Ziad Antar’s on going Solo exhibition “Liminality”, in collaboration with Abdullah AlTurki and Selma Feriani gallery, and Curated by Pascal Beausse.

  Day 3 - February 6th

      9:30am – 2:00pm, Symposium at the Hilton Jeddah, Corniche

The symposium will consist of several topics about art in the local, regional and global context, and the role of Saudi art as an important and major player in the art world. Guest speakers will include artist Ahmed Mater, gallery owner of Agial Gallery in Beirut Saleh Barakat, editor in chief of Canvas Magazine Myrna Ayad, director of Tate Modern museum in London Chris Dercon, president of Sharjah Art Foundation Hoor Al Qassemi and more.

For detailed program and registration, please visit our website: www.21-39.com

  8:00pm Gallery Visits (opening nights) -NESMA ART GALLERY Location: Nesma Art, Al Rawdah District Dates: Feb 6th –20th, 2014 Opening: Thursday Feb 6th, 08:00pm

  Nesma Art Gallery opens its inaugural exhibition in Jeddah for Saudi modern artist Abdullah Hamas. The artist will showcase over 40abstract acrylic paintings inspired by his environment and culture. The artist will also display some of his earlier paintings that were created 40 years ago. A solo exhibition by Saudi artist Abdullah Hamas

 Roa’ya Gallery Location: Roa’ya Art Studio, B04 Business Park, Behind Jamjoom Mall Dates: Feb 6th –20th, 2014 Opening: Thursday Feb 6th, 08:00pm. The unique and variety of five artists is introduced through weaving and interlacing their different perspectives. Participating artists: Ibtisaam Refae, Nabil Najdi, Saeed Gamhawi, Bassim Alsharqi, Jalal Sepher.

 Desert Design Gallery from Eastern Province, also creating a pop up exhibition in a Onqoud Creative Hub Space in Jeddah location: Desert Designs Gallery at Onqoud Head Quarters –Behind Jamjoom Center dates: Feb 6th –11th, 2014 Opening: Thursday Feb 6th, 08:00pm

LoudArt is a yearly exhibition, curated by Desert Designs Art Gallery and NTI Co. For ‘21,39’ we have decided to go with a revamped version of 2013’s show that was received very well. The participating artists will remain the same, but will create new editions/ artwork for this current show.

  Day 4 - February 7th

*Sculpture and Graffiti in AlBalad (old town Jeddah  17:00)

‘21,39’ presents Sedeek Wassil’s sculpture in the center of AlBalad (Jeddah’s downtown) for the first time. The Sculpture “Harf Abjadi” meaning an alphabet, is a metaphor of the strong heritage Jeddah holds as a city, just like the alphabet is the ground base of the Arabic Language. “Harf Abjadi” resembles the strong connection between the Arabic language and the history of this city, inviting the public to enjoy the dialogue between the sculpture and its surroundings.

 19:00: ‘21,39’ presents Special murals in AlBalad (old town Jeddah) created in collaboration with Dhad Family, a group of local graffiti artists. These murals add beautification elements to the area in hope to help revive the area of old town Jeddah. By spreading awareness on the differences between vandalizing and graffiti, “21,39” and Dhad Family hopes to help in the preservation of the historic area.

*Dhad Family, a Local group of Graffiti Artists who often gather together to think beyond the impossible, and end up creating their own Art that relates to the wider mass using Arabic culture as their signature.

  Day 5 - February 8th

  All day: Fluidity to visit the town and discover the public art created around old town Jeddah (Al BALAD), and the public sculpture park

 17:00: As the city celebrates the restoration of its public sculptures that made up the first open air museum in the country back in 1970’s, we invite the public to go around the sculpture park and enjoy its beauty, learning more about the art we had for decades.


  Education Program

Workshops and art talks will take place the following week after the inaugural exhibition openings and will continue for two months. The program will include training sessions for artists by specialists, workshops by artists for the public and art talks and discussions by prominent experts in art and other educational programs. For more information and inquiries about how to register, please visit our website www.21- 39.com