Zuhair Murad Fall 2017


Saudi Gazette

The Zuhair Murad woman is self-confident, determined and ready to conquer the world.

Murad’s haute couture collection embodies royalty and women empowerment. With crowning jewels and lavish dresses that embody power and command all your attention, falling in love becomes mandatory.

Murad’s stunning showpieces include intense beadwork, lace and sheer fabrics with flowing trails and structured gowns designed to flatter a woman’s self-confidence and body. Fully embellished gowns with ruffled nets around the neck and dramatic shoulders using further shimmer and feathery motifs helped render many jaw dropping moments.

The nude effect mesmerized with the perfectly fitted silhouettes reinstating that he never needed the help of loud colors to turn heads.

Murad’s creations remain seeped in romance, opulence and sophisticated power. If you were looking for glam, glitz, and glitter this haute couture season, then you have arrived at your destination.