Run to burn Calories Earn those Cheat Meals!


Saudi Gazette

If you workout to eat whatever you want, it makes total sense. What’s the point of a workout if you can’t treat yourself after? In fact all of those crazy fanatics who can’t stop talking about ‘meal preps’ on their social media accounts, wait for that one special day of the week where they can eat their heart out. Cheat meal, basically. This week we decided to help out the calorie counting gym members how to burn the excessive calories devoured by your favorite junk food.

This wil tell you how much you need to run after, to burn that off completely. Just so you know, McDonald’s fries require almost six kilometers, so brace yourself for what’s to come ahead.

Wraps are traditionally healthier than burgers, or so we thought.

Soda or Coca Cola, you knew this was coming. Next time you want to order a drink, you want to picture running for two kilometers for it.

Nutella cravings are worth it. But get ready for the footwork.

Cheese burgers? Better make that one.

Snickers and chocolate bars are contradictory. Good for the soul for not so much for your body.

French fries for life. It will feel like you have been running for a lifetime though.

Cookie monsters, you need to slow down before you start impersonating him in real life.