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The traces of time mark them like scars. It is their status as faulty that suits me”.

Mónica de Miranda’s series Hotel Globo (2016) features an Angolan hotel built in the 1950s. Rich in history and once considered the best in Luanda, de Miranda’s photographs capture a place stuck in time, reflecting the contrasts that define the city itself. Hotel Globo is a meditation on the need to preserve places as symbols of the construction of collective memory. Micro-histories of emotional geography, these structures play an essential role in setting each city and its history apart. The work also stresses the urgent need to rethink models of development and for these models to address the relationship with the past.

In her series Linetrap (2014), de Miranda explores how colonised lands were frequently defined and divided by dominating powers that imposed artificial limits and boundaries. The artist uses a line to rework a fixed and unique landscape, by stitching over the images. Moving between the interior and the exterior of the piece, these lines do not divide, but mend the rifts between the colonizers and the colonized, between the present landscape and lost archipelago of the past.

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-Compiled by Mariam Nihal