Genderless Fashion

Saudi designer Moe Khoja debuts new collection


Saudi Gazette

While borrowing fashion from the opposite gender is nothing new, the phenomenon has recently been highlighted in media due to its overgrowing prominence. This week we got in touch with Saudi designer Moe Khoja who recently launched his new collection in a similar fashion with unisex jackets and t-shirts that can be worn by both genders.

“I feel that due to the type of pieces I have created until now, they are all easily worn by both genders. It is an interesting dynamic and we are witnessing a lot of brands pursue something similar,” he told Saudi Gazette. This is Khoja’s second collection with his brand Hindamme.

“With my second collection I continue to follow my East meets West concept by integrating rare and original forms of the ancient woven Sadu patterns native to our region. Early works of Sadu depict symbols and patterns that tell the story of the early lives of Bedouins and Arabs whereas most of the Sadu we see today have been very much commercialized. I felt inspired to highlight Sadu in its original forms in a contemporary way and I tied this element with silhouettes and detailing inspired by the iconic rock era of the 1970’s by using metallic thread ribbing and fabrics such as midnight blue velvet. There is a lot more emphasis on color and texture this time around as well,” he said.

His pieces represent an eclectic mix of of streetwear and high fashion. “I feel that Hindamme’s identity is somewhere in between, I am very much inspired by streetwear and street style but I also apply luxury level fabrics and detailing and look up to luxury brands such as Dior. I enjoy the idea of mixing two contrasting themes, something elegant yet street, and I feel that more and more people relate to this sort of aesthetic.”

Khoja is currently working on his third collection, which will offer an exclusive women’s and menswear line and is inspired by mysticism, Rumi and astronomy. “I will also collaborating with multi-disciplinary artists Ali Chaaban, Khalid Zahid and Yusuf Al Ahmed,” he further told Saudi Gazette.

Having garnered a great response so far, Khoja said it is extremely important for him to hit the right the note with the local and international audience. “It’s so important for me to be able to create work that is reminiscent of our culture but is also universal and appealing to a Western audience. I’d like to be able to strengthen our links with the international design scene and inspire them with our aesthetic.”

Creativity fuels his motivation and Khoja feels inspired to achieve more because of his clients. “I feel that I have a story and message to convey through my work and I want to become one of the pioneers within fashion and design that is locally influenced with global aspirations.”

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