Abdul Latif Jameel Motors ‘Keep it Maintained by Its Maker’ drive makes headway

The awareness initiative encourages proper and responsible behavior on the Kingdom’s roads

ABDUL Latif Jameel Motors celebrated the completion of the first season of the animated series “Khebayyes

& AbuHurayyes”, that appeared on the company’s aftersales YouTube channel, attracting a large number of eyeballs from the most important demographics of Saudi society. The series, which was recently launched by the company as part of its “Keep it Maintained by Its Makers” awareness initiative, encouraged proper and responsible behavior on the Kingdom’s roads.

In a festive ceremony held at the Assila Hotel in Jeddah in the presence of the company’s senior officials and a number of journalists and social media influencers, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Director of Marketing Communication, Eng. Munir Khoja, announced that “Khebayyes & AbuHurayyes” had enjoyed unprecedented success on YouTube, attracting an unexpectedly high number of viewers to the “Toyota Service Saudi” YouTube channel.

Addressing the gathering, Khoja said that “Khebayyes & AbuHurayyes” marked an important shift in terms of online visual content. It also constitutes a unique initiative in the Kingdom’s aftersales service market, as the series’ episodes were viewed by over 50 million views, setting a YouTube record for YouTube-broadcast programs.

Khoja said: “Those who follow “Khebayyes & AbuHurayyes” are able to directly experience the main purpose behind this initiative, as the show focuses on the issue of proper and responsible road behavior, as well as motivating individuals to keep their vehicles safe by relying on the car’s manufacturer for maintenance. Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has always paid particular attention to the issue of social awareness of various aspects of road safety, including proper driving and optimal use of the vehicle. All of this is done in conjunction with the intensive government efforts to raise traffic awareness, especially amongst drivers, through a method that is appealing, intriguing and fun.”

The first season of “Khebayyes & AbuHurayyes” comprised 20 episodes that were available on YouTube, the world’s most popular video hosting website. The episodes focused on a number of road safety issues.

“We were after something that went beyond the usual awareness campaign and became a public service,” Khoja continued. “The series included various real-life scenarios in which these two very different characters must make a decision regarding automobile safety and maintenance. We also focused on the tragic loss of life and property that is the result of the tremendous number of car crashes in the Kingdom every year. Most of the crashes are the result of bad driving habits and behavior, neglecting automobile maintenance, improper installation of new parts or the use of counterfeit replacement parts.”

Khoja noted “we believe that this remarkable achievement in terms of viewership came because the series is all about road safety, a topic at the top of the country’s concerns. It aims to support efforts that would have gone to waste if not for the team’s high levels of dedication and innovation.”

“Given the web series’ unprecedented success, it comes as no surprise that Season Two of “Khebayyes & AbuHurayyes” will soon go into production,” Khoja revealed.

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