2018 Kia Rio, Picanto launched in Kingdom


AL-Jabr Automotive Company announced the arrival of two new models of Kia Rio and Kia Picanto for the Saudi market following a long waiting and anticipation after Kia Motors unveiled them through international launching platforms in the past, along with extensive media coverage highlighting advanced features introduced in these models which make them stand out and outshine the competition.

Jeddah City witnessed the official launching as part of Kingdom wide launch across all company showrooms in various cities in Saudi Arabia whereas Kia Al Jabr, Auto Mall showroom hosted the official launch ceremony in the Western region. The event was attended by Sheikh Abdul Salam Bin Mohammed Al Jabr and the CEO of Al Jabr Automotive Company, Khalid Issa as well as a large number of employees, media representatives including retail and fleet customers who were keen to view the first appearance of these two vehicles.

Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Jabr welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their keen interest to follow up with the new models of Kia Motors, a company which has become at the forefront of the world leading automotive manufacturers successfully addressing the needs of a variety of customer segments while delivering stylish vehicles with innovative technologies that transforms the concept of driving a vehicle from more than just a mean of transportation into a world of high performance and comfort.

Today, we stand in front of 2018 models of all-new Kia Rio and Picanto. The new fourth-generation 2018 Kia Rio is slightly bigger in width and length, not by more than half-an-inch, but the design is slightly nudging the small car into debatably a larger class complete with 5-door hatchback features. The sleek design and edgy lines draw attention to the “tiger nose” grille Kia has trademarked in their vehicles, but a new set of narrow, bi-function projection headlights with U-shaped LED lighting and slimmer tail lamps turns up the heat. The 2018 Kia Rio’s interior is designed around the driver, thus making it a driver-focused cabin.

To give a roomy visual appeal in conjunction with physical space, horizontal lines will run the entire length of the dashboard. The center stack controls will be angled towards the driver, which is a convenient change, and with its new infotainment system by Kia, the dash board will have more space. This All- new Rio is characterized by excellence and performance, thanks to its’ advanced, innovative design as well as the leading applications in its category, besides the presence of more elements of safety and security.

The attractive design of Rio, low operating costs and the practical nature of the vehicle made it a gateway for hundreds of thousands of buyers around the world to reach KIA as well as a transit point for owning other vehicles in the KIA model Lineup. For these reasons, record numbers were sold from the previous model. The all-new KIA Rio has capitalized on these powerful features through its’ design and engineering to meet the needs of a wide range of buyers. However, it is now more desirable, thanks to its very enjoyable driving, striking new design and improved safety features,” he said.

Kia Picanto, the all-new City vehicle, now appears from its’ third-generation platform which gives the A-Segment a new, more youthful and vibrant character. The total global sales of the current generation of KIA Picanto vehicles since 2011 amounted to more than 1.4 million vehicles, making it one of the best-selling KIA models in the world. It is capable of maintaining the points of strengths of its predecessor, demonstrating a new level of dynamic vitality and performance, enhancing safety standards and value-for-money.

The new design features the strength, high quality and high-tech of the new cabin. The new Picanto will be fitted with two gasoline engines, which will result in reducing operation costs, while its compact external dimensions are considered ideal for driving within cities, and has unprecedented more space and details in the cabin and spacious trunk.

The all-new Picanto will help Kia acquire a larger share of sales in its’ segment, which is considered the most popular segment in almost every region of the world. – SG