Saudi Designer In Focus: Ghudfah


Saudi Gazette

Saudi designer Sarah Albaz is the face behind Ghudfah, a luxury abaya label launched in 2013.

“Ghudfah” meaning veil was a repeated term Albaz heard as a young girl which stuck with her. “I used to hear it from my grandmother when I was a little girl. We are emotionally attached to the word since it reminds us of dear people and times that will never come back.”

Her love for fashion stems from the desire to give abayas an identity and recognition in the fashion world. “I am passionate about abayas. It makes me work even harder to see it become a fashion trademark just like the Japanese Kimono and Indian Sari. I am proud to say that we are headed in the right direction to achieve our goals for the brand,” she told Saudi Gazette.

Things changed as business picked up and Ghudfah made an appearance at Fashion Forward in Dubai. She admits she grew more attached and committed to the brand and customer needs.

While discussing her brand and its journey, she can’t help but be emotional about it. “I have to be sentimental while answering this question.

It is exciting and fun but it has been demanding and hard which made it, in a way, even more enjoyable. My journey has changed tremendously since I started. I used to work as an amateur. To nurture my brand, I have given it a lot of my time and effort, a lot of my own life. The spirit you find in Ghudfah is one filled with love for fashion and details. It reckons renovation and excellence. This is how we can achieve Ghudfah’s vision, which is to deliver a piece of its magnificent art to every closet in the planet,” she said.

Albaz is working on the final touches of her upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 collection. “It is based on a variety of colorful pieces that breaks the norm of a traditional abaya. This collection includes our own nature-inspired prints. The the whole theme is about style, elegance and grace, which can guarantee that every woman will be able to find a spectacular addition to her closet from our collection.”

Discussing the regional development and growth of fashion particularly, she said the change is mainly due to the growing interest in the industry over the past few years.

“This created a sense of style and led to developing talented designers and promising brands. These have creatively combined the elegance of international designs with our own unique traditional taste.” When describing her customer, she said: “Age or class is no barrier when it comes to our customers. They share a single quality, which is that they know exactly what they want. We offer a unique sense of fashion, which makes our designs a must-have piece of art because each one incorporates elegance, class, trends and style,” Albaz added.

With the enormous pressure of keeping up with trends and the competition, for Albaz most of the challenges come within the industry itself. “This involves, observing the local market, anticipating future needs and trying to meet them in the absence of formal reports, which ideally, we can rely on. All of that affect our upcoming plans and the result is we depend on our personal vision, experience and insight.”

The Riyadh based designer plans to expand regionally and go international soon.

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