Ritz Carlton Jeddah- Lives up to Great Expectations


Saudi Gazette

Reward Yourself With A Staycation

Everyone seems to be looking for that perfect ‘getaway’ a noun that has become summer’s most popular catch phrase, meme and as everything does these days-a hashtag.

If you are looking to get away for quality time that involves impeccable room service, luxurious hotel rooms and the wrap-around hospitality of the world’s finest hotels, then pause for a moment; maybe a hotel room is all you really need.

Travelers, who love luxury hotels, know this to be true. For those of you who are still not convinced, you probably haven’t checked in to the Royal Suite at the Ritz Carlton. If that sounds intimidating to your summer budget, don’t worry; the hotel has a lot more to offer to seasoned travelers. Why travel abroad when you can finally enjoy the luxury in your hometown?

This also makes sense to those who can’t travel for long or outside the Kingdom for perfectly valid family or business reasons. Whether it is spoiling your mom for a weekend getaway or treating yourself, check in to the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah for blissful Arabian nights you won’t regret. Experience all the lifestyle of royalty without any of the responsibility. The joy of being in a different world within your home time zone and postal code has its own charm, one that you must experience at the Ritz Carlton.

This palatial hotel has 224 rooms and suites, including the magnificent Royal Suites, and houses Jeddah’s largest convention center. It also has the most enviable marriage hall - one that may inspire you to experience your wedding all over again.

Reyhana- an all day dining restaurant and Karamel, a high-tea destination are already welcoming guests for a truly special experience as the hotel plans to unveil more exciting dining ventures. Exciting developments under way include a Gentlemen’s Health Club & Spa and the Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge to be opened within a few months.

The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah will host the most iconic events in the country and surely become a part of Jeddah’s legacy in years to come.

The Royal Suite

The eponymous Royal Suite. It is exactly as the name implies, a truly regal experience

From the magnificent hand crafted and painted ceilings to colossal chandeliers hanging overhead to the plush tapestry and raw-silk wallpaper to plush rugs at your feet, the royal suite is the very essence of decorous extravagance. Exquisite taste and in perfect taste, it positively radiates a class that does not flaunt its riches but is wealthy in nature; the entire design is a mesmerizing delight.

The hotel has a selection of Royal Suites that are rooms within rooms, a maze you will willingly want to get lost in. With vast waterfront balconies where you can enjoy the stunning view of Jeddah’s skyline meeting the Red Sea, the suites each extend over 500 square meters. Each includes a master bedroom with a private guest room; a grand Majlis; private dining room; a handsome office; a rainforest shower in the marble bathrooms; feathered bedding and luxury linens; a make up or powder room; a fully operational kitchen and a deluxe twin butler bedroom with a separate entrance.

A Memorable Stay:

One that will bring you back.

Responding to the ever-higher standards demanded by discerning travelers, hotels have upped their game from just providing a luxurious stay, but a memorable one. The highly anticipated Ritz-Carlton hotel, which took years to complete and is finally open to public, does not fail to impress and delivers an experience to the guest’s highest expectations. For Ritz Carlton, it has always been about their credo, one of them being ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ a term everyone working at the hotel uses to address each other, regardless of rank or bias.

They believe in personalizing your stay by not just learning your preferences but by adding value to them. The right attitude and mannerisms reflect the ethos of the brand that pervades the entire Ritz Carlton brand through all the staff through to its customers.

The hotel is without doubt a palatial structure, but at the heart of the splendor, it has soul that is ready to embrace the local culture and determined to get its relationship with its host culture right.

Building loyalty isn’t easy, but neither was creating the structure and soul of the Ritz Carlton Jeddah.