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By Rawan Abudawood

If you are looking for a hotel to satisfy your needs and high expectations then Palazzo Versace Dubai is the perfect choice. Enjoy your stay at the hotel in the heart of the Culture Village surrounded by splendid views of Dubai Creek and the city.

You are greeted by friendly and welcoming staff from the moment you enter the hotel until you reach your room. Upon entering your room, you will certainly be impressed with its large size and elegant yet luxurious décor. Room beds give you the exact comfort you need with clean and comfy sheets. When laying down on the bed you will feel as if you are sleeping on clouds and a deep sleep is guaranteed. Considering this, you might find it difficult to leave your bed the next morning. However, a touch screen right next to your bed can be used to turn on the lights and open the curtains, something that may help you get out of bed.

The hotel provides several services tourists may find help when exploring. For example, if you forgot to withdraw some money from your bank or did not exchange currencies, do not worry because the hotel has an ATM and a currency exchange located on the ground floor. Guests of Palazzo Versace also get a free shuttle service from and to Festival City and Dubai Mall.

One of the other services you do not want to miss is the spa. It is no wonder that Palazzo Versace’s Spa was named the Leading Hotel Spa in 2017. With a variety selection of treatments, you are free to pick your ideal treatment and you will surely find solace in their spa. Keeping in mind that you do not need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy the spa, you can easily make an appointment for a treatment and come try it in anytime.

The hotel also offers a Kids Club for parents who want to enjoy some private time together. It also contained a fully-equipped fitness center.

The hotel has 215 luxury accommodations that reflect the true essence of the Versace brand including 150 rooms and 65 suites. The hotel received 6 awards including Best New Hotel in the Middle East in 2016.

“The hotel itself is amazing, design is beautiful, attention to every detail, big rooms, comfortable bed, fine restaurants and 3 different pools you can use anytime. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I’d say one of the best hotels in Dubai,” said a guest.

The hotel is currently offering summer offers until through Sept. 30. So, do not miss the chance to enjoy a luxury hotel and return home with unforgettable memories. Visit for more details.