Gamerscon highlights the importance of the gaming industry in Saudi Arabia

Local gamers attend Gamerscon dressed as their favorite video game characters in Jeddah.

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH - Gamerscon attracts gamers from all over the Kingdom at the Jeddah International Center for Conferences last weekend to highlight the importance of the gaming industry in Saudi Arabia.

Gamerscon amused and amazed its visitors with its many entertainment stalls that were suitable for the whole family.

With dozens of competitions and activities to take part in, Saudi gamers had the opportunity to showcase their unique cosplays, and costumes on stage to compete for several awards.

A committee chose the best four cosplays for the awards.

Many major international companies such as Nvidia and Dell showcased their new unique products and devices.

For the first time in the Middle East, gamers in the Kingdom had the opportunity to experience the new Ubisoft game “Assassins Creed: Origins” and Microsoft’s studios newest game “Forza 7”.

The festival featured many action figures featured in iconic games and famous cinematic characters represented by Sabbanco Masterpiece gallery.

Even artists, productive families, entrepreneurs, displayed their products, art work and other creations for visitors.

Nvidia conducted a competition called “Geforce Cup Overwatch” in which players competed in the very famous game “Overwatch”. Players played in groups and the winning group was awarded SR2,500.

Gamerscon was conducted by Khayal events company and True gaming website.

An executive partner in Khayal company, Faisal Al-Mokri spoke about the event and what organizers hoped to achieve.

“The goal of Gamerscon was to attract international companies to the Saudi market and the local community. We provided a platform for gamers in the Kingdom to come and experience the latest in gaming technology,” he said.

“For the first time in the Middle East, Microsoft exhibited its newest gaming console the Xbox One X in Arabic and gamers also got their hands on the latest video games that have yet to be released,” he added.

One of the local exhibitors at the event was Den of Devs, a group of Saudi game developers, artists, programmers who showcased their works.

The group, which has already released games such as “Wild Thieves” and “A Cat’s Manor” wants to empower Saudi developing teams to develop games for the global market.

Tariq Mukhtar the founder and manager of Gamedev Corners, a game developer community active throughout the Arab world, praised the event.

“I think Gamerscon is an amazing event, it is one of the first of its kind in Jeddah and has supported and hosted many Saudi game developers and provided them with a platform to talk about business and the gaming industry,” he said.