'Crocodile' swimming in London harbor was pond ornament

LONDON - A "crocodile" reported swimming among the yachts docked at a London harbor was found to be a realistic pond ornament. Chris Davies tweeted a video Tuesday morning showing what appeared to be a crocodile floating between houseboats in London's Chelsea Harbor, reports UPI. "Chelsea Harbor has its very own croc," Davies wrote. "Police called." Police contacted harbor master Collin Bullock, who investigated the discovery and discovered the object wasn't a reptile at all. "It was just a pond ornament, that was it. It was quite obviously a plastic item and I just got a net," he told the Evening Standard. "There was no reason to panic. We have had dolphins and porpoises before, but nothing like this." Davies said the item had appeared to be a legitimate reptile. "It looked like the real deal. I know six pythons have been found in Battersea Park this year so I thought maybe this was a dumped pet," he said. "I've never seen anything like it before." - Agencies