Infiniti leads in car safety technologies

INFINITI vehicles have been presenting an industry first with its safety features and drive assist technologies over the years. Getting down way back in 1989 Infiniti introduced the Full Active Suspension, Lane Departure Warning in 2004, as one of the major carmakers that took care of this technology, and further added new advanced drive assist systems, including Hydraulic Body Motion Control, Back-up Collision Intervention and Active Lane Control system.

Infiniti has never ceased its pursuit of the beyond, and in doing so, it has reached few places before others, and thus brought in six advanced safety features, namely:

1) Distance Control Assist System helps the driver maintain the minimum safety distance between his car and the vehicle in front of him.

2) Backup Collision Intervention System, when reversing, will help the driver detect crossing vehicles and objects behind his vehicle, and, if necessary, the system can activate the brakes automatically to help avoid a collision.

3) Lane Departure Warning System is a mechanism designed to warn (using sound alarms & vibrations) the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane.

4) Active Lane Control System is a lane marker detection system that uses cameras located in the rear-view mirrors to enhance lane-keeping capability, making adjustments for minor road surface changes or crosswinds.

5) Blind Spot Warning System is a device that detects other vehicles located in the driver’s sides and rear, and it alerts the driver with visual and audible warning when a car enters the blind spot area.

6) Forward Emergency Braking System is a system that detects danger of collision with a vehicle or pedestrians in the lead, it warns the driver with audible and visual warnings, urging the driver to call for action to avert the risk. If the driver fails to decelerate, it will apply an emergency brake and decelerate to either help avoid a collision, or reduce the damage caused by a collision if it is unavoidable.

Through its authorized dealer in Saudi Arabia, Al Ghassan Motor Company, Infiniti proved itself as one of the world’s major carmakers when it comes to having concerns about the safety of its owners. In this regard, Yousef Ghassan Al Sulaiman, Vice President of Al Ghassan Motors Company, commented as saying: “We strain to offer utmost security and peace of mind to our customers through Infiniti advanced safety features and drive assist systems, which Infiniti has been training for the last 20 years, and all available in the Infiniti lineup. Infiniti always tops all carmakers in the area of safety standards of all car occupants.” — SG