Mercedes-Benz at the forefront of future mobility


WITH a focus on sustainable and intelligent mobility, the International Conference on Future Mobility returns for its third annual edition, providing a unique platform to lay the foundations for the region’s future of connected, sustainable and autonomous transport.

The two-day conference which ended Wednesday convened government authorities, automotive manufacturers and industry experts to exchange ideas, determine best practices and gain knowledge about the latest global developments and advancements in mobility services and technologies. As a global pioneer of future mobility, Mercedes-Benz showcased its portfolio of alternative, connected and shared mobility solutions and a vision for the region.

Stressing the importance of shaping the future through seamless mobility, Mark De Haes, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, said: “Nothing is more exciting than the future. Our world is changing and, with it, so is Mercedes-Benz. The focus is also no longer solely on the vehicle as a product, but extends to other services that enhance and ease all forms of mobility.

“To achieve this, we devised an all-encompassing strategy called ‘CASE’ which stands for four pillars – C for Connectivity, A for Autonomous, S for Shared and Services, and E for Electric Drive. Our strategic focus is to actively drive forward the transition from an automotive manufacturer to a networked mobility service provider.”

The ‘CASE’ strategy for future mobility was developed to achieve zero-emissions mobility. By 2020, Mercedes-Benz will have introduced 10 purely electric models to the market.

At this year’s conference, Mercedes-Benz is displaying the region’s only connected E-Class with a host of connected capabilities, made possible by ‘Mercedes me connect’ – which includes app-based services where functions ranging from multimedia and parking assistance (with Remote Parking Assist) can be controlled by a smartphone. Standard services will include automatic emergency call system through to Remote Online Services. Via an app, users will be able to access information on their vehicle status, program the Pre-Entry Climate Control and remotely open and lock the doors. Other highlights of Mercedes me connect are convenient Door-to-Door Navigation and Live Traffic Information.

The Mercedes-Benz C 350 e Plug-in Hybrid and GLE 500 e 4MATIC will also be displayed, demonstrating sports car performance alongside the most advanced hybrid technology. — SG