Kia Cadenza’s sales raised to record 87%


THE Kia Cadenza’s sales’ figures in the Saudi market reflected Kia Motors’ impressive progress of this vehicle, after Kia Cadenza’s sales figures raised to record 87% this year compared with the last year, whereby its market share raised VS competitors in its category, thus confirming its excellence and uniqueness.

The language of numbers spoke about the success of Kia Cadenza, which has been a big bet since it was announced last year, upon disclosing its features and advantages. The ceiling of ambitions, however, has been very high for this masterpiece vehicle in order to reach at this position in the vehicle market around the world, and in the Saudi market specifically, whereas Saudi customers experience the assessment of vehicles before making a purchase decision. As Kia Cadenza obtained great acceptance from them, it is an evidence of competency and excellence.

The all new Kia Cadenza has undergone a complete redesign to provide its customers with the full luxury of a sedan, starting from bold design up to the high performance and smart technologies. The Kia Cadenza attracted attention thanks to its bold touches, including the front grille, which reflects modern sophisticated design, elegant streamlined body, improved interior environment, and paying attention to the fine details, from sewing and exterior finishes to the panoramic sunroof which resist sunlight besides the spacious and eye-catching cabinet.

Kia Cadenza reflects a confident and attractive look, which launched the “Sportomatic” Transmission system with its all new Kia eight speed levels, which means a huge saving in fuel consumption, high response and smooth switching between speeds. However, if we added to this four-wheel independent transmission system, which undergoes a modern process of improvement and sophisticated design of the chassis then these combined features ensure strong driving dynamics in a smooth and quiet manner. While Kia Cadenza offers the highest comfort levels, it also means peace of mind for drivers when driving with children and family, relying on smart technologies that enhance the vehicle’s safety features, including the Smart Blind Spot Detection System, Smart Cruise Control System, Emergency Brake Control, Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system, and Lane Departure Warning System.

KIA Cadenza ensures the driver’s safety under any road conditions, thanks to Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Control System and Hill-Start Assist System. All of these technologies ensure that the driver stays on the right path with full control of the vehicle. KIA Cadenza plays an important role in Kia Motors vehicles line-up in terms of re-development of sedan category, and allows the driver to fully control the driving during trips. — SG