Former judge on trial for illegal relations with female plaintiffs


Saudi Gazette report

— The Penal Court will look into the case of a former judge in Makkah who is accused of having illegal relationships with two women among other allegations, Al-Madina Arabic daily reported on Monday.

The case began when a citizen complained to the Minister of Justice against a judge claiming that he had illegal relationships with his ex-wife. The allegation was repeated when another citizen filed a complaint with the Bureau of Public Prosecutions against the same judge claiming that he also had an illegal relationship with his ex-wife. The man claims that the judge unjustly ruled against him and in favor of his ex-wife.

Further investigations showed the possibility of the judge enticing a third woman in Riyadh to leave her husband. There is also evidence that he may have illegal relationships with several Moroccan women outside the Kingdom. There were also allegations of him accepting bribes and verbally abusing people. The judge is in prison until the date of his trial.

In the first case, the judge had nullified a couple’s marriage and ruled in the woman’s favor on alimony. During the period of the trial, the judge had gotten close to the woman and had an illegal relationship with her. After he had issued the divorce judgment, he proposed to the woman but never followed through with the marriage procedures.

The second case was of a divorcee who filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband wanting him to pay back a loan of SR92,000. He ruled in favor of the woman and demanded a share from her money. He even helped to get a loan of SR60,000 from a bank. The divorcee’s ex-husband filed an appeal against the verdict but the judge dismissed it. He then became close to the divorcee’s parents and offered to help her with her real estate affairs.

The third case involved a couple in disputes in which the judge tried to entice the woman to leave her husband. The woman wanted to maintain her marriage but the judge was influencing her to leave her husband instead.

He was also accused of verbally abusing the husband and ex-husbands that came to him in these three cases.