Avoid falling prey to cold and flu in Winters


Saudi Gazette

Jeddah- Fall is officially here and almost every city has had its first share of rainfall in Saudi Arabia. This has resulted into coughs, sneezes and fevers. Doctors say that end of November to December is when infections become prevalent. The body is susceptible to wind and cold, and it eventually gets sick. By following these tips you can maintain balance this fall and avoid getting sick.

1. Eat Seasonal food:

Eat less uncooked and cold food. Go for soups, stews, steamed vegetables and rice. Have green vegetables to keep you warm. Carrot and orange juice is the seasonal drink. Foods that are high in vitamin C and Zinc such as winter squashes, broccoli, kale, collard greens, lamb, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts must be included in your diet to improve your immune system.

2. Wash your hands:

According to studies people who occasionally touch their eyes and nose are 41 percent more likely to have cold and flu. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly. Wet hands are more likely to spread germs than the dry one. Try to minimize touching your face. Be conscious of this act and stop doing it.

3. Keep warm:

This is rule number one of winters, ‘ Keep Warm’. Our parents, grandparents and now our generation is telling their kids to keep warm. As the Autumn season comes to an end, people do not realize when to actually start dressing up for winter until it actually hits them with cold and flu. According to the doctors, shivering depresses our immune system and makes us vulnerable to catch cold. So better to wear warm clothes to avoid shivering. We lose 30% of our body heat through head, so better wear a hat.

4. Zinc, Garlic, Ginger:

Researchers have discovered that fresh ginger can inhibit respiratory virus which can cause pneumonia and bronchiolitis, from attaching to cells and may even reduce its ability to replicate. How to use ginger? Grate it in hot water, tea or mix it up with your meal. Garlic helps with chest pain relief. Intake of Zinc is essential to help fight cold. It can be found in meat, oysters, eggs, seas and black-eye peas.

5. Stay hydrated:

People say that they do not feel thirsty in winters so they cannot drink water. It just disturbs their body pH level and they get sick. At least eight glasses of water is must for every human being to stay healthy. Water helps kidneys to function properly and takes out the toxins. If you are already feeling sick this winter, drink plenty of water to flush out the sickness.

6. Get enough sleep:

We all feel sleepy in the winter. It just keeps getting harder to wake up in the morning. Winter nights are longer and days are shorter. However, if you force yourself into sleeping late or give yourself reduced sleeping hours, you are giving an open invitation to the virus.

7. Sweat out your cold:

Keep moving your body. Yes! Winter is lazy but if you lack activity you are prone to infections. Moving and exercising regulates your blood circulation and increases the number of natural killer cells. Exercise can help with blocked nose. So keep on moving!

8. Honey to the rescue:

Include honey in your diet whether in your green tea, meal or hot water. It boosts up your immune system, and even cure the cold. According to a study when strep-, the bacteria throat bug was treated with honey the bacteria count fell down by 85 percent.