Sonata Turbo 2018 launched in Saudi Arabia


MOHAMED Yousuf Naghi Company (MYNM), dealer of Hyundai cars in the Western region of Saudi Arabia, showcased a number of Hyundai 2018 cars in SIMS, including the all-new Sonata Turbo 2018.

Commenting on MYNM participation in the show, Khalid Alharthy, National Marketing Operations and PR Manager at Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company, commented as saying: "The Saudi International Motor Show has won the confidence of Hyundai car fans. We are very keen to be part of this remarkable show every year; to be as close as possible to our current and potential clients, who aspire to learn more about the new features of the automotive world.”

He added: "Through our large pavilion at the show, we showcased a number of the new Hyundai models for the year 2018, including the world’s most famous sedan car, the all-new sports car “Sonata Turbo”, which has been unveiled at the show in response to the great demands of our clients, who are looking ahead to take a car that meet their aspirations and demands. " Hyundai all-new "Sonata Turbo" features sports car driving performance and translate it to a new level, it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the tradition of driving sedan cars, because it integrates the needs and aspirations of customers who want a car full of comfort and fun to drive. The all-new Sonata Turbo is a remarkable balance between sedan and sports car.

The all-new Sonata Turbo features sports and elegant exterior, and fitted with a 2.0 liter Turbo engine that produces 245 HP with direct fuel injection system, and partied with 8 speed automatic transmission with manual control. The strong and innovative powertrain allows this dynamic and innovative car superior and improved driving comfort and sports agility, supported by a sophisticated suspension system. The car got a new and more aggressive front with new LED headlamps. — SG