Riz Ahmed highlights life of Pakistan's transgender community


KARACHI - Pakistani-British actor Riz Ahmed was recently in Lahore to attend the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) as part of a panel discussion with The Reluctant Fundamentalist author, Mohsin Hamid. After Lahore, he made his way to Karachi and spent a few days in the metropolitan city as well, reports The Express Tribune.

A few days ago, Ahmed stated that he would be sharing some pictures from his short visit to Pakistan. Indeed, the 35-year-old kept his promise but the pictures he has revealed are much more than basic holiday throwbacks. In his latest Instagram post, Ahmed highlights the tough life led by the transgender community of Pakistan.

Ahmed penned that the transgenders have been a part of South Asian culture for over a hundred years and that there are probably many more transgenders in Pakistan than in other big cities such as New York or London.

“In recent times, Pakistan has recognized the ‘third gender’ on official government documents, cementing their place in the society. But despite this recognition, they are marginalized and often earn a living through dancing, sex work or a kind of spiritual begging,” he wrote.

With a diverse fan following, Ahmed aims to educate the world about the current situation of transgenders across the country and possibly other parts of the world as well.

Apart from this, Ahmed previously posted pictures of truck art that he happened to come across on his trip and was amazed by. He captioned the photos, “No one does cars, trucks and lorries like us.” - Agencies