Johnson’s baby launches its first semi-therapeutic product range


JOHNSON’S Baby, officially launched its first semi-therapeutic product line, JOHNSON’S Baby Head-To-Toe, in an interactive event held in Jeddah. The Johnson’s Baby Head to Toe masterclass gathered mothers, media and influencers to teach them about the intricacies and importance of understanding infant skin care.

Speaking about the launch of the new range in Saudi Arabia, Sarah Kabbani, Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson said: “We are proud to officially launch the first semi-therapeutic product line, JOHNSON’S Baby HEAD-TO-TOE, in Saudi Arabia. The product range is endorsed by the Saudi Pediatric Association and has already been tested and very well received by parents internationally as well as in the region.”

“At Johnson and Johnson, we offer products that are safe, pure and rigorously tested to give babies the best care possible. As a company, we have pioneered research on babies skin care for more than 125 years. We understand babies’ skin care needs and the special care it requires in this region due to the harsh weather and water conditions pertaining to the Middle East. Our HEAD-TO-TOE range is specially designed to offer babies the protection that their skin needs, from making the tap water gentler by neutralizing its pH level to guaranteeing a lock in of 24 hours moisturization. We are confident that our new semi-therapeutic range will benefit babies and parents in Saudi and the region,” added Sarah.

JOHNSON’S Baby recently conducted a study, which surveyed mothers in the Middle East about their baby’s skin. The study found that only 10% of mothers believed that their baby’s skin was dry, when in fact, more than 60% of these babies had clinical signs of dryness. From birth, a baby’s skin needs more protection and care in relation to hygiene, bathing, cleansing agents and topical products.

Commenting on the requirements of baby’s skin care, Dr. Azhar Ibrahem Mahana, Specialist Pediatrics from Samir Abass Hospital said, “There are several things that mothers need to keep in mind when caring for their baby’s skin. Most of the time we think of the skin of a baby as soft and smooth, but in reality their skin is 30% thinner than adult’s skin and needs extra care to prevent dryness. This is why as Doctors, we encourage mothers to look for products that have the right PH level, are gentle on the skin and will lock in moisture for a longer time, especially in harsh weather conditions like in this region.”

The entire JOHNSON’S Baby HEAD-TO-TOE range is endorsed by the Saudi Pediatric Association and can be used from the first day of a baby’s life. The wash is free of dye and soap and is clinically proven to marginally soften hard tap water. Both the extra moisturizing baby wash and cream are hypoallergenic and have been tested, by dermatologists and pediatricians alike, to reduce irritation to skin, scalp and eyes, while keeping the skin moisturized for 24 hours.