Quench your thirst with these scrumptious ramadan drinks


Saudi Gazette

The holy month of Ramadan, is a time when people from different backgrounds come together for iftar and suhoor. Naturally, every culture has a unique Ramadan drink and this week we gathered some of the most popular choices for you to try at home. Remember, it is crucial to stay hydrated and to have plenty of liquids after iftar and during suhoor. So indulge and enjoy these refreshing and nourishing drinks.


Is a mixture of dates, grape molasses, rose water and sugar. Occasionally smoked with Arabic incense, Jallab is served cold and garnished with pine nuts and raisins.


Is traditionally prepared by soaking powdered rice over night, mixed with coconut powder, milk, and sugar.

Rooh Afza

Is a rose scented syrup that is made with fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots mixed with water. It is served cold and is even added to ice cream and milkshakes.

Almond Sherbet

Is a blended mixture of milk, rich heavy cream, almonds and rosewater. It is often garnished with crushed almonds and strands of saffron.

Amar Al Din

Is prepared by blending apricots, soaked and left overnight with its water and sugar. You can serve it rosewater, pine nuts or orange blossom water.

Tamer Hindi

Is a sweet and sour drink made of tamarind mixed with sugar and water.

Erk Sous

Is a bittersweet black juice made from licorice root and is served cold.