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Thobes This Ramadan


Saudi Gazette

Further cultivating the art of living well Saudi designer Omar Ashour is back with a new collection of thobes and lush concept. This time, he wants the difference to make an impact. Ashour has initiated a new concept that we foresee taking the Saudi fashion cognoscenti by storm soon. Omar intends to create a personalized shopping experience tailor made for his customers in his home. But make no mistake, this is no ordinary home.

The loft is packed with art, every square inch of available space a mini gallery. He shares the deluxe space with wife and artist Alanoud Alfahad, a fact which helps explain the intimate layout.

The dynamic duo works out of this cozy yet luxurious loft that they’ve converted into a creative space.

“I paint here,” Alfahad mused on a bright afternoon, pointing to a series of canvases resting against the wall. “It’s good lighting. Plus the view is great too,” she added looking out of the massive glass windows overlooking the busy traffic of Jeddah.

Facing her collection of artworks is a dedicated space where Ashour hangs his sample designs for customers to browse through.

He pays close attention to details that marry design, luxury and functionality. Examining the new pastel shades, Ashour discussed how Saudi fashion has evolved.

“People don’t mind wearing shades of pink or changing it up during the summer. Especially the youth. So it’s interesting to see how it’s all changing from the typical black and white to say shades of blue,” he reflected.

“I like to know my customer- his personality, tastes and ideas. This not only helps us create the best-personalized version of a Dar Omar Ashour thobe but also helps me style them. That is extremely important to us, as well,”Ashour told Saudi Gazette.

He believes styling the thobe is crucial and recommends a bold watch to go along with it as an accessory. “As long as you are confident, you can accessorize the thobe with a good watch and shoes that complement the look. Roll up the sleeves if it’s a work environment and switch up the look with some of our cufflinks that work as statement pieces,” he added and walked over to a extravagant wooden chest that is designed for cuffs and collars.

“Apart from all the unique materials we use for thobes we have a variety of 13 colors and materials for buttons as well,” he said handing over a sample sheet. “Just get comfortable,” Alfahad said inviting us to the lush sofas. “We get to know our clients and they love the experience. Sometimes we end up becoming friends and even complete strangers love hanging out for hours here,” Ashour revealed.

With Eid around the corner, book an appointment and let Omar Ashour tailor the personalized thobe of your dreams.

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