Velaa private island launches new bespoke energizing spa retreat


New for Summer 2018, Velaa Private Island, the most exclusive island hideaway in the Maldives, has announced it will launch a new Detox & Energizing Spa Retreat, to run from June to September. The 7, 14 or 21 day program will be ultra-personalized, tailored to each guests’ individual goals and desires, and led by a highly professional team including Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer, and Fitness Trainer Specialist Aya Miklos.

When guests arrive, they will receive a comprehensive medical consultation and full body analysis, after which a bespoke daily programme will be crafted around their health needs and goals, such as weight management or flexibility. A combination of a personalized dietary plan tailored for each guest by expert nutritionist Amelia Freer on an individual case basis, alongside a bespoke itinerary of sports, yoga, meditation and relaxing spa treatments, will be designed to create lasting results for the guest’s mind, body and soul.

For those seeking modest fat reduction, the programme will also include Lip HIFU, an effective non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction, ideal for treating stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite that have proven unresponsive to diet and exercise, including areas like the abdomen, love handles, waist, upper arms, and back. Unlike traditional liposuction, the HIFU procedure is entirely non-invasive and works by delivering focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm and 8mm to destroy fat cells and tighten the skin in the area treated. The damaged cells are flushed away via a natural removal process through the lymphatic system that continues for up to 3 months. Furthermore, where standard liposuction requires a lot of vigorous exercise to metabolise the fat cells after the procedure, the HIFU treatment gives outstanding results without any exercise at all.

To Book: The Velaa Energising Programme starts from $750USD per day / $5,250USD per week. Pricing is subject to applicable taxes (10% service charge and 12% gvt tax) and excluding accommodation.

The Programme includes the following, and will be tailor-made according to the guests’ preferences and the experts’ recommendations:

l Medical and Dietary Consultation with Advanced Analysis InBody 770

l Fitness Consultation and follow ups

l Wellness Activities including Dynamic, Hatha Yoga, Meditation

l Gym Activities including Cardio Exercise, Weight & Strength Training, HIIT, Core, Circuit Training, TRX

l Spa Treatments: Sports, Thai, Oriental massage, Facial & Ayurveda and HIFU

l Recreational Activities: Tennis, Squash, Golf, Snorkelling, Stand up paddling, Kayaking, Sunset Cruise x1

l Spa Gift Hamper & Yoga Mat Velaa’s Beach Pool Villas start from $1,815USD per night inclusive of daily breakfast. (Rates are subject to 10% service charge, 12% government tax (TGST) and government green tax US$ 6 per person per night.)

For more information or to book, visit or call +960 6565 240