How to make the most of your kid’s bath-time


As fun as splashing around in the tub can be for your little one, bath-time offers so much more than just playtime. At Johnson’s, we’re strong believers that even the most basic of everyday rituals can offer new opportunities for your child to learn.

Inspired by all those special moments you share together as you wash out paint stains; detangle messy knots; and scrub away at those little nooks and crannies, we came up with our own formula that’s safe to use on your little one every day. Housed in a bottle rich with honey and nigella extract, we hand-selected these ingredients for their unique skincare and germ protection benefits and kept our product true to its name: Johnson’s Pure Protect Kids Bath & Wash range.

In the spirit of making the most out of your tub adventures, we put together some of our favorite ideas for educational games and activities below that are sure to make bath-time a memorable experience for both you and your squeaky clean companion.

Explore bath books

Who says story-time happens only after the pajamas are on? Bath books are a great way for kids to learn to make connections between their own lives and the world they see in pictures. Teach them new words and encourage them to sound out the letters on their own. Stories that rhyme or feature new songs can be especially engaging. By bringing books into the bathtub, your child will learn to love reading—anyplace, anytime.

Put on a bath-time puppet show

Interactive games, like bath-time puppet shows, can help boost your child’s social and communication skills. Make or buy your own specially-made bath-time puppets and have them put on a show for you. Responding with laughter, cheer, or excitement will help boost their confidence and inspire their imagination. To help encourage your little one’s creativity, get involved with a back-and-forth dialogue. Roleplaying will teach your child to improvise and help develop valuable decision-making skills.

Create art with bath crayons

Bath crayons are another way to inspire your child’s creativity. Bring out their inner artist with these simple coloring tools that offer them the opportunity to draw on a canvas that is as big as their imaginations are wild. And don’t be afraid of letting them make a vibrant mess—just a few wipes will get the bathtub walls and tiles clean in no time.

Have fun with bubbles

That’s right—you can even turn a simple bubble bath into a learning experiment. Fill up spray bottles with water dyed in food coloring and watch as your child learns to identify different colors by spray-painting the bubbles. If your little ones are old enough to grasp the concept of mixing colors, see if they can guess what color change will happen with each new color added.

Go fishing!

Challenge your kid’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination with a fun game of fishing! Fill the bathtub with magnet letters, numbers, and a few sea-life creatures like fish, crab, and seashells. Tie a magnet to the end of a fishing pole and encourage your child to catch the numbers or letters in chronological order. If your child is a bit younger, test their skills by seeing how many they can catch at once. For added fun, a few drops of food coloring will turn the water blue.