Four new pedestrian tunnels planned in Madinah


MADINAH – The Madinah Development Authority has announced that four new pedestrian tunnels will be built in nearby neighborhoods to allow easier access to the Prophet's Mosque, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The tunnels will help decrease traffic flow and improve pedestrian safety on King Faisal Road that leads to the Prophet’s Mosque.

The developments are part of Madinah Emir and Chairman of the Al-Madinah Development Authority Prince Faisal Bin Salman's plans to improve the city.

The four tunnels, which extend to 125 meters each, are to include elevators that are specifically built to accommodate the elderly and people with special needs. Additionally, 12 escalators and stairs were built to help pedestrians to reach the Prophet’s Mosque without having to cross the road.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the tunnels include air conditioning systems, firefighting systems, lighting and sound systems, as well as security surveillance systems.

The tunnels will ensure that pedestrians reach the Prophet’s Mosque safely. — Al-Arabiya English