Aspiring artist AlKhuja introduces ‘Minki’ in the anime world


Saudi Gazette

— When a young artist is ready, one has to bring him or her to limelight. It not only exposes the artist, but also provide him or her with enough confidence boost to keep creating wonders.

Fatin Samir AlKhuja, 23 is a young Saudi Graphic designer, illustrator, and paper art crafter who enjoys drawing and creating things. She graduated from the University of Sharjah and pursued her passion.

“As a child I was inspired by the cartoon characters that appeared on television shows. Later when I grew up I began watching Japanese animation known as ‘Anime’ and I began drawing anime characters more. However, I found myself drawing small characters known as “chibi” and it became enjoyable for me, and I created my original character called ‘Minki’,” Al Khuja told Saudi Gazette.

AlKhuja was fascinated with cartoon characters and tried imitating the drawings. When introduced to Japanese animation, she found herself drawing anime.

“My skills in drawing didn’t develop until my first year in college where I began using Adobe Illustrator program. I began experimenting with paper and turning my drawing and illustrations into paper art. From there I began exhibiting my work in the Middle East Film and Comic Con “MEFCC” for 3 years.”

She considers drawing as her hobby, but expects to make it her profession. “ I hope my skills in drawing and paper art becomes more developed, and I aim to have my own small business. For future, I anticipate that my character Minki becomes popular among people and I would create a short comic about her.”

AlKhuja is a graphic designer by profession. “I enjoy designing cards and gift packages, and I also enjoy creating things by combining my skills in illustration and paper craft to create a unique design and art.”

She can be followed on Instagram at Sweetytonah. Her website