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It’s one of those you need to save for a special occasion. The beauty and grandeur of Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur is spread over 32 acres of land filled with stunning architecture, beautiful landscaped gardens and exotic birds.

But there is a certain intangible magical quality that is captivating. Like a Bhansali movie, but somehow more fulfilling than a cinematic experience because of the cast or members of the Oberoi team. As you pull up to the hotel that is built in a traditional Rajasthani fort style, elegant and opulent with Mughal arches, stone and marble carvings, elaborate waterfronts and regal brass doors, you sight a group of veiled women wearing bright colored traditional Rajasthani attire waiting for your arrival. And then it begins. You are transported into an era that history books and Bollywood movies taught you. The royal ceremony begins with a shower of rose petals as you traverse the reflective pools into the fort with high domed ceilings and grand chandeliers, where you are embraced with garlands and warm smiles. Now you are ready to live the experience.

The rooms are laid out in small clusters that provide privacy for couples or families and unfold onto a courtyard with a fountain and beautiful landscaped gardens where exotic birds and coy peacocks roam freely- much like what we imagine they do in royal gardens. The luxury tents that are reminiscent of what used to be set up for kings either traveling or as temporary spaces of abode made for them during battles, include a King size bed on teak floors under a gorgeous hand-embroidered canopy, a private garden and patio where you can unwind with drinks and dinner. The bathroom is concealed behind a cotton curtain with a standalone tub adjacent to a shower area carved out of soft sandstone.

They also have the best and most comfortable live-in handblock printed robes that you’d want to take back with you. They act as a trademark and make us wish these were a staple at every Oberoi hotel around the world. The outstanding team proved they could anticipate guests’ needs as they generously placed a prayer mat with a print out of salah (prayer) times in the room, without having to ask for it.

The hotel offers luxury-dining experiences at the all day international fine dining space. With a remarkable breakfast spread, exquisite Indian cuisine prepared by master chefs and unparalleled service lead by Mukesh, the restaurant manager who relentlessly ensures guests are well taken care of; the restaurant offers live, traditional folk dance and music to complement the dining experience.

Pamper yourself at their luxurious Ayurvedic spa located in an 18th century mansion, and unwind by one of the most stunning and memorable swimming pools in the world.

Explore the beautiful history of Jaipur and absorb the breathtaking sunset from Naila fort that Rajvillas was inspired by, located on the top of a hill from where you can see the entirety of Jaipur, minuscule pink buildings and unmatched greenery bathed in the glowing orange halo of the sinking sun in the West.

Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur is a testimony of the legendary bygone era that gives you a chance to live in a world created for this very purpose.

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