Back to school


Saudi Gazette

After the longest summer vacations as far as anyone can remember; it is time to reset your routine for a long, hectic, fun and tiresome school days.

Definitely, the vacations would have given you a much-needed time to relax and freshen up. It is time to go back to school and start a new year in new classes.

The thought does not sound completely fun and exciting because waking up early in the morning, and the burden of studies makes it scary.

However, believe it or not — it can actually be fun going back to school — as it is throughout the year.

Here is how going back to school can become easier and exciting:

• Go for some shopping: You need to have new pencils, colors or notebooks for the new term. School shopping is actually fun and colorful. Buy on some vibrant sticky notes, color pencils, stickers and something that is no available in the home’s school stock.

• Uniform – Check your uniform thoroughly. Is it clean and ironed? Or you need a new one? It is important to look smart in school whether it’s your first day or the usual days.

• Hairstyle – Plan on how you will comb your hair. Will it be the same like last year or something different? Did your teacher ask you to have a haircut or tie your hair? Be a good student, listen to the teacher and act smart.

• Check your bag – If it was heavy for you to pick your bag up last term; you must be doing something wrong. Check your bag — is it clean or messy? Are you taking the books according to the schedule or everything is just there in your bag? You have to be careful this time and make sure your bag is organized and clean.

• Set the routine – from today start sleeping early. After long sleepy nights, its will be a shock to your system to get up early in the morning. It is definitely going to make you feel tired which in turn will affect your mood. Avoid late night meals and television, and go to bed early.

• Think about food – if nothings sets your mood right, think about the lunch you are going to take school with you. You have the luxury to request your mom to pack you your favorite food, or maybe there is something delicious at the canteen. How about planning a food party at your first day of school?

• Eat Healthy – Don’t skip breakfast so that you can have the energy whole day long. Eat healthy while staying away from junk food and replace them with fruits and vegetables.

• Learn – Promise yourself that you are going to be a better student than last year and will achieve higher grades. Learn to follow class rules and learn to be a better student.

• Be confident – just smile and be confident, everything is going to go great. However, remember that there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Don’t bully and don’t get bullied. You have your right, remember those and speak up!