Style Mavericks- Unusual Suspects


Saudi Gazette

Whether you look impeccably groomed at soirées, presenting ideas or just living the moment, we see you. It may not be your day job but fashion doesn’t have to take the back seat.

From moviemakers, businessmen to doctors, this week we picked an unusual set of fashion mavens who live by the rules they create and consequently caught our attention.

Khalid Zahid

The Saudi artist and entrepreneur believes dressing up is a form of art and one we think he is well versed with. Whether it’s a sophisticated thobe, classic suit or a simple t-shirt- he’s the jack-of-all-trades.

KZ’s Four Fashion Fundamentals

• First of all, I don’t think being stylish or following trends depends on money or how much you can splurge on an item.

• Secondly, buying brands doesn’t mean you can buy style. There are brands that are trendsetters no doubt, but buying something when it doesn’t even suit you just to show off, doesn’t make you stylish.

• Be a smart shopper. For instance I prefer a one-button or four-button suit, which is hard to find. I would rather tailor my own suit and customize it rather than just going for a brand for namesake. People have this idea that buying a branded item is the key. Be it an Armani suit or D&G, the former is classic and the latter is made for fit men. So you can’t just buy it and assume it’ll do the job for you. Sometimes you can buy an item that’s not high-priced but looks like a million bucks on you. That’s what I aspire to. People think buying brands can help buy happiness too. I don’t neglect brands, but I find pleasure in buying things that are trendy, stylish and inexpensive. In fact, it’s rewarding when people come up and ask ‘wow is this Tom Ford, or where did you get this suit from?’ At the end of the day, it doesn’t depend on the brush or paint being used but the tools the artist uses to turn something ordinary into a piece of art.

• Be different. Stand out. Metaphorically, I’d be the Vimto in a fridge full of Coca Cola. It alludes to the same scenario about standing out in a room full of black suits, where you are able to shine because of your style, the way the suit is cut or the details. That’s where the ultimate challenge lies.


Ali Mostafa

Award winning Emirati director, writer and producer established his own production company AFM Films in 2006. Mostafa’s inimitable charm seems to impact his style too, whether it’s on or off set on the red carpet. He mostly keeps it simple with ridiculously stylish glasses and a simple ensemble. He effortlessly balances high fashion with timeless classics.

Some of his favorite brands include Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Tom Ford.


Yusuf Dwairi

Dwairi was born in Istanbul to a Jordanian father and a Turkish mother.

I finished med school in Egypt and I’m doing my internship currently in Amman. I’ve modeled for four years in Egypt then I shifted to blogging and content creating.

Regarding my style, I don’t have a specific style but an all white outfit is my favorite in the summer. I usually go for a simple yet unique style, usually monochrome. I liked the Hawaiian vibes for this summer outfits.

Gucci and Saint Laurent are my favorites for this season.