PISJ-ES students emerge as top achievers in IGCSE results


Saudi Gazette

— The students of PISJ-ES have brought laurels to the institute in the recently declared Cambridge IGCSE and A-levels examinations. This year, the overall result has been outstandingly impressive maintaining the legacy of their high achieving predecessors.

On this tremendous result, while applauding the students and the faculty members, the school Principal Adnan Nasir said, “This result reflects students’ hard work and teachers’ commitment to carve the sense of responsibility, drive, constant guidance and dedication in young scholars to focus their aspirations towards acquiring education. Our students have not only made our school immensely proud but have also kept our mission of fostering quality education thriving and flourishing.”

Nasir added, “In pursuit of maintaining our standard of ‘Education par Excellence’, representing developing our greater abilities, that can be translated into an asset for everyone and greater strength for our nation. We encourage our students to challenge themselves, celebrating their creativity, initiative and individuality, for which the School constantly quest to develop its academic policy for the further learning and enhancement at all levels.

“The environment of academic elevations and teachers’ professional development is inspiring our students to maintain the momentum of demonstrating their best abilities and continue showing progression in their results.”

Among the top achievers in IGCSE Levels, securing A* and A in all nine (9) subjects are Huda Amir, Areeba Akhlaq, Ahmad Butt, Amna Khalid, Maria Farrukh, Tooba Sana, Wassay Sajjad and Alisha Muhammad Nouman.

The high achievers securing A* and A in eight (8) subjects are Nawal Asim Khan, Ali Ahmed Nadeem, Fatima Akram, Rimmel Abdul Ghaffar, Sahiba Safeer, Omaima Hasan, Maryam Imran, Laiba Shahbaz, Malaika Zahidullah Khan, Amal Ahmed, Fajer Khan, Raed Jamal.

The high achievers securing A* and A in seven (7) subjects are Bilal Muhammad Noor, Muhammad Hassaan Naeem, Eeman Mohammad Azhar, Mariyam Muhammad Alim, Rabia Tahir Hussain Khattak, Faizan Sultan, Shaheer Imran Siddiqui, Muhammad Arij Ashar, Muhammad Taha, Hanya Faisal, Hamna Muqeem, Ummul Huda Kalim Ullah, Omer Amir, Afifa Usman, Javeria Nadeem Siddiqui, Zubair Saleem Ullah, Aliza Hafeez Jahan, Jawad Akram, Dilas Siddiqui, Manahil Imran

The high achievers securing A* and A in six (6) subjects are Hania Siddiqui, Shayan Inam, Habiba Mahmood Ahmed Siddiqui, Fatima Raza, Muhammad Rehan, Ayan Ahmed, Muhammad Feroz Qureshi, Zainab Attaullah, Hiba Manzoor And Iman Saif, Saad Riazuddin Mahmood, Rayyan Mohammad Makki Bakhsh, Syed Shaheer Ahmed, Muhammad Yahya, Laraib Khan.

The students of AS (Advanced Subsidiary Level) have also produced excellent results. The students who secured (a^) in four (4) subjects are Muhammad Hamza Awais Khalid, Sara Rahman, Amena Masood.

Whereas, the high achievers amongst the students acquiring (a^) in three (3) subjects in AS level are Shammakh Naseer, Hania Sana, Fajar Habib Butt, Dua Rizwan, Heyam Khan, Muaaz Aslam, Hamza Toqeer, Bilal Shakir, Eilad Tariq, Mohammad Nabeel Asim Hussain, Omar Ahmad, Taimur Hassan Sarmad, Muhammad Haisam Atif, Hamna Toqeer, Haniyyah Toqeer, Arooba Siddiqi, Waniya Afroz, Nimrah Versiani.

In Advance Level, the result has been splendid too. The students who secured A* and A in four (4) subjects are Ahmed Salman, Murad Aslam, Azzam Bin Aamir, Radeyah Waseem, Hamza Agha, Khadija Mohammad Yousuf, Abdullah Awan.

In Advance Level, the students who secured A* and A in three (3) subjects are Abdul Rehman Khan, Shaheer Ahmed, Ayesha Siddiqui, Jannath Naveed, Saim Omer, Muhammad Usama Khokhar, Shifa Asher, Syed Muhammad Sharif, Muhammad Ahmad Bashir, Abdul Rehman Iqbal, Waleed Meraj Qureshi, Musaab Bin Afroz, Saifullah Khan, Muhammad Dayem Sharief, Ramin Qaisar, Fatima Ali, Ali Ahmad Ijaz, Rida Hashmi, Mohammad Faisal Khan, Maaz Ullah Khan, Fatima Awais, Maryam Imran.

On producing such splendid results, the entire team of PISJ-ES extends their heartiest congratulations to all hardworking students and proud parents and wishes the scholars of this alma mater all the best for their endeavors.