Audio-visual documentation of court sessions this year: Minister

Sheikh Walid Al-Samaani

RIYADH — Minister of Justice and President of the Supreme Judicial Council Sheikh Walid Al-Samaani said on Wednesday that the ministry is currently working on launching a project for audio-visual documentation of court sessions.

“This is based on the principle of making court sittings public as well as safeguarding the rights of the judge and the parties involved in the lawsuit in general,” he said.

The minister said that this project will be implemented in the current year itself. In the later phases, the minutes of court sessions will be made available online and digital, in addition to implementing the distant translation scheme. This will be within the framework of clear governance aimed at improving the performance sought by all judicial bodies, he said.

Al-Samaani explained that the audio-visual documentation of the court sessions is intended to convert all the court proceedings to digital versions that can be reviewed by the clients and the judge so as to reduce complaints in this realm, in addition to preserving the right of the judge and the litigants. The audio-visual documentation of court sessions will also be made available to the Supreme Judiciary Council for its reference, he added. — SG/SPA