Saudi Al-Bahiti renders Saudi national anthem in operatic style

Italian opera ‘La Scala’ musical pieces lauded in Riyadh


Saudi Gazette report

The Ministry of Culture organized a concert on Friday proved a major draw with Saudi opera singer Sawsan Al-Bahiti opening the event with the Kingdom’s national anthem, which was sung in operatic style. Al-Bahiti received a standing ovation for her rendition.

The Italian opera "La Scala" by the Teatro Alla Scala Academy performed at the King Fahd Cultural Center here, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Saturday.

Over 3,000 spectators, including artists, poets and those interested in musical arts attended the much-sought-after event.

The Teatro Alla Scala Academy, which debuted in Riyadh on Friday, is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

Dating back to almost 250 years, the academy offers world-class training in all disciplines of symphony, opera and ballet, under the supervision of famous musicians.

The famous Italian group, led by Maestro Pietro Mianetti, and featured performances by soprano Francisca Manzo and tenor Ricardo Della Sciucca, along with participation of a number of musicians, presented eight musical pieces that were part of the 19th century Italian opera.

During the evening concert entitled “An Italian Opera Journey”, works by Rossini, Verdi and other masters of the Italian opera, during its golden age, were performed.

Al-Bahiti was invited by the Ministry of Culture to perform at the event as part of its efforts to showcase national talents, present them to the public and give them the opportunity to express their artistic creativity.

The concert is part of the Ministry of Culture’s efforts to attract musical talents and performers from across the globe to enrich the Saudi cultural scene and enhance the Kingdom’s quality of life.

Al-Bahiti began singing since childhood when she learned how to play the guitar at the age of six, as a hobby. She also practiced singing and studied music during her university days at the American University in Sharjah, UAE, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in the media.

Al-Bahiti took part in the university’s choral singing course. It was her professor who nominated her to perform in the opera. Sawsan was stunned, as she never imagined she was capable of performing in an opera since it requires a strong voice.

However, she took up the challenge and started her march in the world of opera. Now, after a decade, she has become the first Saudi female opera singer in the Kingdom.