‘Sisters of Baghdad’ opened for the public

‘Sisters of Baghdad’ opened for the public

'Sisters of Baghdad' opened for the public
The painting named Grand Baghdad

By Shahd Alhamdan
Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Solo Exhibition by the Saudi artist Awdh Al-Zahrani titled ‘Sisters of Baghdad’ at Hafez Gallery, was launched on Feb,1, as part of the 4th edition of the 21,39 art event, a non-profit initiative focused on Jeddah’s art and gallery scene.

The exhibition, which is inspired by the bleeding sisters of Baghdad with an oriental beauty and magic and the generous of Arab identity, presents special pieces that showcase Baghdad in an artistic scene. The exhibition is open for the public in the coming days.

The exhibition includes around 12 paintings that have a mix of special colours. Most of the paintings are made of oil on canvas, and some others have with it pieces of fabrics. The pieces are named by special names that is related to the Arab history and world such as an art pieces named Feyrouz while another special pieces is titled, ‘Moussa’s Bridge,’

The artist was born in 1970 in Makkah and he obtained an MA in Art Education from Um Al Qurra University. He participated in several international and local group exhibitions. For instance, he had three solo exhibitions in Jeddah. “Masafa” (Distance) exhibition in 2015 at Hafez Gallery, Saudi Contemporary Art exhibition in Paris and Cannes in 2016, sponsored by Saudi Aramco and the Saudi embassy.