Ola Alfares


AMMAN — A Sudanese man offered 100 camels, which he called his “ships of the desert”, as dowry for Jordanian TV presenter Ola Alfares if she accepts his marriage proposal, reported.

Abu Al Tayyeb Othman saved up a fortune to buy the 100 camels, after which he took good care of them for 10 years, all in the hope that Ola would one day accept his marriage proposal.

The wannabe groom said he moved to the United Arab Emirates a decade ago to work in the field of transportation, leaving a few camels behind in his native Sudan for investment purposes, reported Al Quds Al Arabi.

However, his great love for the MBC presenter prompted him to gather all his savings and pack up and return to his native Sudan so he could dedicate his time to buying the 100 camels.

Ola said she was touched by Al Tayyeb’s gesture, adding that she holds a lot of love for Sudanese people but added that when it comes to marriage, she bears her grandma’s advice in mind: “Marry someone from your own background.” – Agencies