478 expat medical professionals lose KSU jobs

478 expat medical professionals lose KSU jobs

478 expat medical professionals lose KSU jobs
King Saud University

Saudi Gazette report

TAIF — The Replacement Administration in the Ministry of Civil Service has refused to renew the contracts of 478 expat medical professionals working at King Saud University (KSU).

The university had requested the renewal of their contracts. But the ministry said these workers had spent a long period of time in the Kingdom and that there were qualified Saudis to replace them.

Sources told Al-Watan Arabic daily that King Saud University had requested the Ministry of Civil Service to renew the contracts of 516 male and female medical professionals who had spent more than 10 years on the job.

The university’s request was studied by the Replacement Administration, which refused to renew the contracts of 478 employees. The Administration exempted seven consultant doctors and 31 assistant doctors.

Several Saudi postgraduate degree holders seeking jobs in Saudi universities are demanding a review of the contracts of expatriate workers in universities.

They also called for the implementation of the Civil Service Ministry’s requirement that a contract worker’s period of service should not exceed 10 years in Saudi universities.


  1. The ending of a Contract is the right of both parties; the employer as well as the employee, for whatever reason they deem fit. However, there are some logical ways in which a contract has to be ended or not renewed in order to establish a norm or a precedent for an institution so that in future, a correct procedure should be followed for the betterment of an organization. A contract can be ended if the employee is sub-standard, not performing up to the mark, not interested in the job, past the retirement age where his capabilities are bound to reduce or if enough qualified locals are available but to end a job just because he has spent 10 yrs in a job is confirmation of two things; firstly that the job is so stressful that the employee becomes defunct after holding it for such a long period and secondly, money is being distributed in the spirit of charity where the contribution of the employee is irrelevant. It is in the interest of the employer that they do not appoint people based on charity because if the organization does not benefit from the employee than it is a waste of precious resources and it is also for the same reason that people should be terminated on the basis of their productivity rather than based on the number of years that they have put in. The rule of retiring people at the age of 60 and giving a chance to young people originated from countries who appointed public servants more for giving employment to people rather than to get any productive work out of them but in fields where productivity is an essential norm, people even at the age of 80 are active and fit and contribute enough to lift the organization to great heights. All over the world people usually are proud of their long association with an organization where they proudly claim that they have been working for a long time in a particular place or field whereby implying that they are experts but to terminate a person just because he has worked for more than 10 yrs is conceding the mistake of appointing him and realizing this after 10 yrs.

  2. I sincerely believe that the term offered in government sector should be clearly intimated to the employee before the signing of the contract. This will allow the expatriate to plan better for his family, kids education and above all his own career. I firmly believe that public sector jobs must be reserved for the deserving nationals.

  3. To remove such a big numbers of health personals at a time will create vacuum definitely to renew their contracts . The university is aware of the exact situation, that’s why KSU requested the Ministry of Civil Bureau to renew the contract. We should examine the reality in the field rather than the whims of 10 years only !!

  4. I am Saudi with a master degree in applied linguistics from one of the group of eight top Australian universities. I have more than 3 years experience plus of another qualification in TESOL. I had a dream of surving my country and give my best to develop the educational system of teaching English as a secon language at schools and universities in Saudi. However, I couldn’t have a contract with the government. For an unknown reason, job opportunities go to proffesors’ relatives. Ironically, last time I applied for a job, I have got accepted but as an American teacher. Since I have the American citizenship, my qualifications have been recognised. I cannot hide my tears when I tell this story to someone. However, I still try to give my students the best of me. If my coutry did not appreciate me and my ambition, my students do, at least.

    • Considering that you are a teacher and involved in linguistics, I kindly suggest that you improve your grammar and writing skills.

        • You and me are jealous and insecure expats who will not accept replacements as there are many qualified Saudis who can take their Joba and do a better job go home guys as your own countries can’t offer you and me jobs as Saudi arabia

          • YOU and ME are just stating a fact based on the comment you yourself wrote, Shari. Universities don’t really care about the topnotch whatever anyone comes from. They follow certain criteria to determine an applicant’s qualification. You may have the skill to write and probably speak English that could be understood but sad to say, the way you compose your sentences is a glaring proof that you are NOT YET fit to teach the language. In time, YOU WILL. Practice more and you will definitely get there. Use criticisms to improve yourself further to prove them wrong someday. Wishing you the best of luck.

  5. While Saudization is being hailed by many as a solution but KSA has a lot to learn from first world countries where the governments didn’t go for susbtitution but rather open market philosophy. If local manpower is available, ofcourse no employer would ever prefer to go for expat employees.

    Secondly, it turns out that Europeans and North Americans tend to be more muslim than KSA. PEople go there and enjoy everything from nationality to job security and what not. Even though, it is a well declared fact that it is God who feeds every living being and not the people.

  6. I am Pakistani was born and bread here my dad died here and buried here. Today i got fired from my work and i am going to be 40 years old next month and now i have to leave back to a country where i dont belong to ethicaly. Is this what we get after all these years? I cannot even come and visit my Dads grave. I know its your country and i do understand they need space of their own but please respect us and dont send us back with heavy heart. allow us atleast to visit the country to which we always thought our home land. I still would say i love Saudi Arabia and see it like my own country but sigh this country dont need us anymore so we have to say Good bye :'(

    • Syed,
      Dont you think you share the blame. You know how Saudi works. You have to taste “final exit” one day. Why didnt you prepare for this day?

  7. Well trained professionals working for 10 years or more will be replaced by local semi-trained professionals to give them jobs. It will result in a vacuum as the locals are too slow to perform their duties.. It will put more burden on expats who will be still serving.

  8. All of sudden should not be removed. On the other hand,
    Let the local citizens get involved in KSU and get trained in a professional way, thereafter the expats can be reduced step by step

  9. Dear
    National interest comes first in the row!!!
    it is their country and they do whatever is best for them; Expats has to rely on fact that there is no meaning of saying this is my second home or third home… Saudi Government never promised to give residency and since long expats are serving on Yearly renewable IQAMA, means not permanent. I see there is no point of blaming Saudi Arabia. Say thanks to the Saudi for all the opportunities given you as of now and finally they are sending you Home Country which is also good in one way.

    How many days someone will stay in others house ?

    It is not easy but accept the reality, Pack n Go.


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