50,000 Binladin workers issued exit visas

50,000 Binladin workers issued exit visas

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JEDDAH – About 50,000 workers in Binladin Company, who were issued exit only visas, are sticking to their position of not leaving the country until they are paid their dues — entitlements and salary arrears for over four months, Al-Watan online reported Friday.

A source told Al-Watan that the workers are staging a sit-in almost daily. This is at a time when the company has given the workers the option of taking an urgent final exit visa or wait until their salary arrears are paid in full.

The termination of the contracts of 50,000 workers in Binladin Company and granting them final exit visas caused the ongoing current crisis between the company and the workers. The workers continued to stage sit-ins and gather in front of the company’s administrative office situated in Jeddah’s Al-Salama district.

A source in Binladin Company told Al-Watan that there are among the workers those who have not received their salaries for six months. This has caused them to take loans to tide over the months, pay their rents and their children’s school fees.

The source, requesting anonymity, disclosed that the company has made promises to pay the workers their salaries next week. He further said that the company’s termination of the services of 50,000 workers has led to their gathering in front of the company’s administrations in various cities of the Kingdom daily.

The workers are demanding payment of their entitlements before departing from the country. These arrears will cost the company over SR10 million amid the cessation of work in a big number of its projects located in different cities of the Kingdom.

The source said that the gathering of the workers has become a continuous and daily matter in a manner causing concern — first, among the workers who are still on the job, and second, among the workers whose sponsorships have been terminated.

The source disclosed that the sector for urgent projects in the company has terminated the services of 10,000 people from the group of workers who were working in the projects in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah. Now only 6,000 workers are remaining.

The source said the company has given the workers the choice to be issued a final exit visa or wait until there is a breakthrough in the salary arrears crisis. He said that the problem lies in the payment of the entitlements of the workers who have been issued final exit visas.

An official source in the company said it is in the process of paying one month’s salary to 15,000 expatriate and Saudi workers and engineers. Several workers were not convinced by this measure and described it as a painkiller.

This comes at a time when a number of Binladin Company workers said that their number exceeds 25,000 expatriate and Saudi workers and they will stop working. They agreed among themselves not to report at the sites of projects.


  1. It’s a matter of shame for construction giant Binladen. I can understand their current financial situation but how can they issue final exit visa without settling the dues of their workers who are mostly low-paid labor, while , Binladen has assets in billions throughout the world. In any scenerio Binladen has no rights to delay the wages or final settlements.
    Kingdom’s labor law clearly defines the rights of both parties. Now it is high time for the labor ministry to intervene in settling the issues of 50000 stranding poor expatriates. Further, to some event Binladen is causing irreparable dent to the Kingdom’s international reputation.


    Tashfeen Syed

    • I agree…What a sad fate for those low paying job expats. What about other construction firms like Saudi Oger will they do the same thing, issuing an Exit Visas without paying their full salaries? I’ve even heard that some companies are currently have a retrenchment. Yet many expats now a days doesn’t have work, like in the mobile industry. For how long these situation will end?

    • Your oiebservations are correct It is not only shame to Binladin Company ,but it is a shame to Saoudi Authorities and Islam which taught to keep words and oaths and to pay salary before the sweat of labourer is dried All should try to have an amicable solution to settle the issues as early as possible It seems that most of the projects of the company are related to the Kingdom So the kingdom will take initiative to solve the issues

      May almighty bless us all

    • All should try to find a solution to the issues It is shame to ISLAM which teach to pay salary before the sweat of labourer is dried and Kingdom of Saudi It is highly necessary to fulfill the agreements

  2. It would be very much better if Government order immigration department not to accept / issue exit visas for those employees whose rights are not been cleared before their departure to their home country, for which every employer should submit a letter of confirmation for the clearance of all the salaries & employees’ rights attested from the Consulate or Embassy of their employees addressing to Labor office & Immigration department, then there will be no any chance for any employer to put exit visa on the status of residency permit & play with the rights of their employees.

    Just because of this room, majority employers are playing with the rights of employees & issuing an exit visa on the status of their residency permit & compels their employees to go without their rights, and due to language barrier many travels back to their home country without getting their rights, to avoid which a strict law on this particular issue should be implemented which could save millions of employees from the losses of their hard work income & end of service benefits.

  3. This Word Will not Last forever,there iş ALLAH and sees and know everything ,Prophet Muhammad (sav) tells to be fair to the People under your control.
    50000 poor People whom are heros of their children.so be fair to them

  4. Why does Bin Laden not start with terminating their highly and hugely paid executives from Arab countries,.. one of whose monthly salaries can cover the dues of 20 Bangladeshi workers? They remain employed and enjoying all their benefits and perks and sucking the blood of the company, while the workers who actually were doing the work and bringing the money in are left strandedf without their dues being paid.
    Is it perhaps that these very foreign executives are making those decisions to save their jobs while sacrificing thousands? Do the Bin Ladens know about this….

  5. The government of Saudi Arabia must intervene for this inhumane treatment of the workers of Saudi Binladen Group. Hoping that the highest authorities will help this poor employees for their salary problems.

  6. Pay the wages to the workers before their sweat dries (Prophet Mohammed -pbuh).
    Why don’t they follow this?

  7. In fact it’s so disgusting to read this story. People leave their wives and children back in their respective countries, forfeit good life, come and lay their lives under harsh environmental conditions for several years just to make their families have a better life, and this is their payback? After sacrificing to bring more money to the company, why are you paying them this way? This is denting the image of Saudi Arabia. The government must intervene to help these poor workers. They are helpless. It’s very painful.

  8. Under all these issues going on, company is not renewing the iqama , there are many iqama’s of working Engineers and labors still not renewed and are expired since more than a month or two, some of them renewed their iqama by paying themselves Who will take this responsibility? what about who can’t afford to pay and renew with out salary??, this is real serious issue.

  9. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “You should pay the laborer his wages before his sweat dries.” [Sunan Ibn Mâjah (2443)]

  10. You kidding!! SR 10 million in arrears for 50,000 workers!!!
    Even if it is 3 months only in unpaid salaries, the average salary comes to SR 66 per month per worker.
    That’s very unrealistic figure.
    Is SR 10 million figure a mistake or am I missing something here?

  11. Binladen Co. must pay all dues nd benefits of it’s employee before issuing exit visa. co has invested nd owned properties worth billions within ksa only.

  12. When will this end? My husband is working in Jeddah and they don’t have salary for 3 or 4 months now…. where will we get money to buy food? To buy medicines when our children are sick? Money to send our children to school? This issue should be solved as soon as possible.

  13. It’s not matter of 3-6 months salaries, I am more worried about 50,000 labor families homes bread & butter run on their income. Only Binladin construction Group is an example of downfall of businesses of other associated companies too. Then decrease in remittances of these countries and more dependency of these labors on repatriation to their home countries. On otherhand less spending on development projects by Govt means less imports and less deficit in balance of payments

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