Consent of women must for marriage, says minister

Consent of women must for marriage, says minister

Walid Al-Samaani
Walid Al-Samaani

Khaled Al-Jabri

MADINAH — Minister of Justice Walid Al-Samaani has directed marriage officials (mazouns) to listen personally to women’s consent to matrimony before they write down marriage contracts.

“Mazouns should have the approval of the woman herself and not any one else who may claim to be her representative, even if it is her father,” he said.
The minister asked the mazouns to listen to the verbal consent of the woman by themselves and not to deputize others to take the statement.

“This is crucial to concluding any marriage contract,” the minister said, asking the mazouns to have both the husband and wife signing the marriage contract.

Secretary-general of Wiam (Harmony) Society in the Eastern Province Mohammed Al-Abdul Qadir revealed that the society and the ministry have jointly trained about 4,000 mazouns with a view to making the marriage registration process smooth.

He said through a number of training sessions and workshops, the mazouns were thoroughly briefed on the Shariah procedures for finalizing a marriage contract.

He said these procedures included ascertaining the identities of the two parties and listening to the verbal consent of both the husband and the wife to the matrimony.

Abdulqadir said the mazouns should not accept the approval to the marriage from the farther, brother or sister of the bride but from herself alone.

He said the mazouns were also taught to make sure that the woman who gives the consent is the bride herself.

Alabdulqadir said the mutual approval of the man and wife is one of the factors that may cut down the divorce rate.


  1. The kingdom has been established since 1930’s and countless marriages have been conducted.
    Since the time of the Messenger of Allah, after Quran was revealed, the conditions of marriage were set clear, according to the Islamic law.
    Millions of Muslims all ove the world have got married according to Islamic rites.

    Now HE Minister of Justice has had to make this bride’s consent clearly spoken in the signing ceremony as it is the final stage to bind two people together and she can speak out if she doesnt agree to marry the groom…

  2. 1400 years ago Islam has given women the right of accepting or denying to marry a person chosen by her guardian. But there are countless forced marriages have been done and till to date they are followed. How many of the 400 marriage facilitators will follow the law of Islam and how many women are able to reject the forced marriages?
    Here in this holy land laws only remain in paper and not in practice. Those girls defy forced marriages either have to flee their home as the latest case which came to light the girl who flee from turkey to save herself from forced marriage or they just stay as spinsters all along their life because of their guardians authority of rejecting her marriage (which is unislamic) with the one even as she chooses on Islamic grounds.
    Society here itself is creating more and more fitnah by doing such bad deeds. Islam is the first religion which liberated women from all these forced marriages and rejection of marriages by their guardians.
    Society is going towards Jahiliya which was pre Islamic time. Allah will ask each and every one of you guardians who forced or rejected marriages of your daughters, sisters or those under your custody for your mean selfish reasons.
    The sorry state is that some judges who are regarded as keepers of the law are itself involved in this sort of things and make the women suffer….

    • Salaam Well said…….If it is already part of Islamic law/culture. Then why does KSA need a new law? Hmm I smell a rat….Many rats.