Electronic reporting of traffic accidents to start from Ramadan

Electronic reporting of traffic accidents to start from Ramadan

Traffic Department

By Hazem Al-Mutairi
Okaz/Saudi Gazette

RIYADH – The Traffic Department will start introducing electronic reporting of traffic accidents instead of the manual one effective from the beginning of Ramadan (May 27), according to Maj. Gen. Muhammad Al-Baqmi, deputy director of the General Department of Traffic.

He said that the department will also start ticketing non-insured vehicles in the near future. The fine for such a violation will be SR150, Al-Baqmi said while addressing the 4th Saudi Insurance Seminar organized by the General Committee for Insurance Companies in Riyadh on Monday.

Al-Baqmi said that the percentage of insured vehicles at present is around 46 percent.

He also unveiled plans to increase vehicle insurance premium for those road users who fail in adhering to traffic rules and regulations. There are also plans to give incentives to those who made no traffic violations, he added.


  1. Good measures, but how traffic police is supposed to determine insurance premium or incentive? On one hand they are going to increase the percentage of insured vehicles, meaning more income to insurance companies. On the other hand they are also encouraging these companies to increase premium. I wonder whom are they serving, people of the country or insurance companies?

  2. An excellent move to increase insurance premium for traffic violators. This will help reduce traffic violations. However, the fine of SR.150 for non-insured vehicles is too little. It should be high enough to force people to insure their vehicles.

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