Help Center to organize marathon for the disabled

Help Center to organize marathon for the disabled

Jeddah-based Help Center is organizing the annual marathon for the disabled for the fourth year. — File photo

Saleh Fareed
Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Some 700 participants with various disabilities from 20 specialized centers in Jeddah and Makkah will join the annual Let’s Walk the Walk Together 4 — Gadaha Wa Gudood — marathon and more than 1,800 spectators are expected to attend, along with volunteer groups and schoolchildren.

The marathon organized by Help Center will highlight the athletic skills of children and adults with disabilities for the fourth year in a row.

The marathon aims to foster awareness and activism among the community toward the talents of people with disabilities. Its purpose is to give the young athletes an opportunity to shine and display their capabilities to the community. Marathons have great physical, mental, spiritual and social benefits and also offers an arena for people with disabilities to socially interact and maximize their potential. It is a platform to rally and call for action to all those concerned with promoting and encouraging sports among people with disabilities.

The marathon will start at the intersection of Malik Road with Prince Naif Road 9 a.m. and end near Al-Nawrus Roundabout at 12 noon Thursday, Jan. 28.

Participants will take part in one of four categories. The first category is the 500-meter walk for children under 9 years of age, participants with physical disabilities, participants with medical problems, and early intervention babies along with their caregivers.

The second category is the 1-km walk/run for all participants above 10 years. The third category is a 1-km relay race for the girl athletes. The fourth category is the 1-km run, which include male participants over the age of 16 who have an exceptional athletic ability for running.

As many as 14 boys and girls from the Help Center will go around corporations and individuals asking for pledges to support their athletic abilities at the marathon.

By sponsoring an amount per meter, 20 percent of the proceeds will go to the Help Center or a charity of their choice and the athlete will get to keep the rest.

“Let’s Walk the Walk Together 4 — Gadaha Wa Gudood” marathon relies on the generosity and support of local companies and government entities.