Non-profit sector to generate 60,000 jobs

Non-profit sector to generate 60,000 jobs

Ministry of Labor and Social Development

RIYADH — The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has said as many as 60,000 new jobs will be created in non-profit organizations.

Deputy Minister for Social Development Salim Al-Deeni said his ministry was working on regulating the sector to promote volunteer work among young Saudis.

“Regulating the sector is one of the ministry’s objectives envisaged by the National Transformation Program 2020. The ministry is studying the sector and designing training programs for the future employees. The ministry plans to ensure that at least 50 percent of the employees in the sector are trained and qualified for their jobs. The ministry will devise standards and criteria for appointments to the positions based on international standards and requirements,” said Al-Deeni.

He added that the ministry was also planning to raise awareness about the need for volunteerism and its benefits to society as well as the national economy.

“The ministry will work to ensure that non-profit sector has a sustainable effect and workflow. The ministry will have a supervisory role and will make frequent field visits to check on the progress of the organizations’ adherence to the ministry’s regulations,” said Al-Deeni.

He said the national reform program is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

“As per the national reform program, the ministry is required to motivate the non-profit sector and support efforts to diversify the national economy. The ministry has cooperated with the Council for Economic and Developmental Affairs and 18 other government departments in this regard,” said Al-Deeni.

He added that he ministry lined up 755 new projects to achieve this national goal.