Toxic fumes from waste dump choke villagers

Toxic fumes from waste dump choke villagers

Toxic Waste

JAZAN — Toxic fumes and smoke from the waste disposal site in Alaidabi province of Jazan are spreading respiratory diseases among residents of more than 50 villages in the province.

One resident, Mohammed Al-Ghazouani, called on the authorities to intervene quickly and move the site away from the residential areas.

He said the fumes spread diseases and had forced the majority of the population to leave the villages.

“The major issue is that odor attracts insects and diseases. Four municipalities are currently using the site. They have to move the waste dump away from areas where people live,” Al-Ghazouani said.

He demanded an urgent solution to the problem by quickly shifting the site to a location outside the agricultural and residential areas.

“We must give attention to environmental sanitation in the region,” he said.

The governor of the region, Nayef Bin Nasser Bin Libda, said Civil Defense units immediately put out any fire that breaks out in the waste disposal sites, and that they have formed committees to address the problem.

“The governorate is striving to supervise and monitor the waste disposal site,” he said.