Weather causes flight cancellations

Weather causes flight cancellations

Weather causes flight cancellations

BAHA – All flights at King Saud Al-Baha Airport were canceled over the weekend due to extreme weather conditions. Jamaan Al-Ghamdi, a traveler, said Saudi Arabian Airlines canceled its flights on a sudden notice, which caused 400 travelers to either miss their flights or seek other forms of transportation. Al-Ghamdi said the airline should have given travelers an earlier notice. “Many residents use the weekend to go to hospitals for medical treatment and delayed flights can seriously affect their treatment schedules,” he said while adding the airline should have given a prior notice instead of issuing a statement on the cancellations on Twitter.


  1. Jamaan Al-Ghamdi,What can you expect more than what you have quoted,from Saudi Airlines?
    They dont care about the time,importance of passengers or any urgent issues like medical and attending ceremonies.
    Saudia staff has been always careless,which i have been observing for the past 36years.
    There is no option for the passengers to be ready to face such uncalled for situation.