What’s New in your favorite Social Media Apps?

What’s New in your favorite Social Media Apps?


Snapchat ups its AR game:

While other social media apps are copying Snapchat’s 24-hour snap and disappear model, Snapchat launched new filters and updates that continue to surprise its users. This time, the app launched an augmented reality feature in new filters using the rear camera to give a 3-D experience. The 3D World Lenses paints the world differently by adding new effects and realistic elements.

Instagram increases its disappearing photo options

Disappearing photo/video messaging: A new feature in private messages with friends now allows users to post disappearing photos and videos alongside text messages. All you have to do is swipe left into Direct and tap the new blue camera icon to take the shot and send it to individuals or groups.

Facebook added several new features, here are some of the Live additions

Facebook’s new in-app camera has yet to prove its popularity among its users with its funky filters and effects

To keep up with group chats, Facebook launched mentions that allows members to mention individuals’ names using the “@” followed by a list of names to choose from

Live locations allows users to share their itinerary and current locations live with estimated time arrival in a span of 60 minutes