Royaled by Renad Hefni

“Committed to empowering women through fashion”

August 12, 2017
Mariam Nihal

Saudi Gazette

Another successful Dar Al Hekma graduate, Renad Hefni is a young Saudi fashion designer pursuing her dreams while advocating women’s rights. “My journey has been filled with hard work and dedication. It hasn’t been long since I started my fashion brand but I am thankful and proud of the outcome. I am committed to empowering women through fashion and aiming for a stronger vision in the near future,” Renad Hefni told Saudi Gazette.

Smart, bold and edgy, Hefni’s showcase at Fashion Forward in Dubai this year showcased her ability to make a bold statement with a futuristic appeal. Her designs emphasize on the need to reward or crown women for their powerful roles in society. The upcoming Royaled collection titled ‘Ruler’ is inspired by the 1980’s hip-hop style with a mix of Middle Eastern glam. The collection comprises strong messages for women to help boost their confidence and reinstate them as ‘rulers’ of their own world. “Royaled looks to celebrate every woman who treasures her character by crowning her with a virtual crown and throne fit for a queen. We aim to spread this message to the international market while participating in London, Paris, New York and fashion weeks,” Hefni said. While online shopping in Saudi Arabia is booming, the growth of e-commerce is surpassing the growth of traditional retail. As a trend that is expected to grow in the coming years, many fashion designers are looking to tap into the online market.

“Fashion and beauty is the most important thing for a woman; the more they see the more they want. The fashion market thrived in the Middle East for the past five years like never before, when online shopping became easier and shopping became a habit. A good habit. As a brand owner I try to follow these habits to observe what my costumers would want or like. They are the most important people,” she said.

Hefni uses her craft for the urban woman with bespoke structures and powerful pieces, which she claims are only fit for a queen. “Developed through meticulous tailoring and high quality fabrics, Royaled looks to celebrate women who treasure their sense of individuality. My customers are all the beautiful ladies, the super mothers and every woman out there. The ones who treasure their character. I created this brand to make women feel like queens and to remind them of all the power and confidence they have, in case they have forgotten it and make them feel Royaled.”


5 ‘must-have pieces’

Collar tower vest

Half black jacket

Half olive jacket

Dress with half cape

Long caged vest

August 12, 2017
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