Contemporary Istanbul Returns


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Contemporary Istanbul brings together leading international and local contemporary galleries, artists and collectors during the second week of September this year.

CI celebrated it’s 12th annual event with the release of its first published book ‘Collectors’ Stories.’ Award-winning architects Tabanlıoğlu Architects will create the CI Park in a revised plan for the fair’s design.This year a new sculpture exhibition ‘The Fifth Element’ will take place at the neighbouring Artists’ Park, curated by Professor Hasan Bülent Kahraman.CI will be spread over the 13,600 m2 spaces of Lütfi Kırdar ICEC Rumeli Hall and Istanbul Congress Center with the support of Akbank. Another art installation will come in the form of a BMW Art Car, created in 1991 by South African artist Ester Mahlangu. The BMW Art Car Project dates back to 1975 when French racing driver and auctioneer Hervé Poulain invited an artist to create a canvas on a car.

As an international art platform, CI aims to reflect the significant role of Istanbul in the art world as it serves as a centre point between the East and West. CI also uses art as a catalyst for dialogue, mutual understanding and reconciliation.

This year’s CI Dialogues, which is the fair’s discussion and talk series, will focus on the topic of “Movement” which will be discussed in relation to different disciplines that constitute the essence of daily human life, such as technology, architecture, space, and food.

All talks will be held on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of September.

Talks programme:

Art & Technology: Human Aesthetics in Future Technologies

This panel will examine current debates on aesthetics and will explore the nature of art, beauty and taste as well as the current developments in this branch of philosophy as heralded through the advancements of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Ahmed Elgammal, Professor at Rutgers University, Founder and Director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory with Jussi Parikka, New Media Theorist and Professor, Technological Culture & Aesthetics Winchester School of Art.

Moderator: Alain Servais, Contemporary Art Collector, Designer and Founder of Registr’art.

Art & Technology II: New Technologies In Art

This panel will focus on the ever-increasing interpolation between technology and new media art and discuss how it impacts and transforms the relationships involved in the production, distribution, consumption and appreciation of art.

Juliette Bibasse, the Creative Producer, Curator with Onformative Digital Art and Design Studio, Marpi, Digital Artist and Michael Kass, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker and Storyteller.

Moderator: Ceren Arkman, Creative Producer, Curator.

Art & Collecting: Creating an Artistic Memory: Art Collection

Art collections are as distinct as the collector. This panel will discuss how an art collection is an act of self-expression, the impact it has on artists, building collections and the trends, and strategy and motivations behind art acquisition.

Nick Hackworth, Director, Modernforms with Kate Bryan, Head of Collections, Soho House Worldwide and Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Vice Rector at Kadir Has University, Executive Committee Member of Contemporary Istanbul.

Moderator: Arzu Maliki, Bloomberg HT.

Art & Food: The Interconnected Art of Taste

Key panellists will discuss the developing cuisine culture and the art of taste as well as the impact of food in the visual arts throughout the centuries.

Rainer Becker, Founder, Roka, Zuma, Oblix with Kaya Demirer, President TURYID Executive Board and CEO and Founding Partner Frankie and Vedat Başaran, Chef and Food Culture Researcher.

Moderator: Sinem Ceren Çerçiler, Founder and CEO, Inside Counsels.

Art & Architecture: Movement in Space

Key speakers will consider the impact of architecture through the centuries and the way it has both defined and been defined by the arts and culture.

Anabela Macieira, Founder and CEO, Core Architects with Nicola Borgmann, Architekturgalerie München President and Founding Partner.

Moderator: Murat Tabanlıoğlu (Architect, Tabanlıoğlu Architects Founding Partner)