Louvre art gallery displays Shalimar Sharbatly’s latest artwork on the 'Tork'


The Louvre museum celebrated Shalimar’s latest artwork on cars, the art she created under the name of (moving art). Shalimar Sharbatly cooperated with ED designs, which owns the 10 best cars in the world from Lamborghini and Ferrari, to draw the (future car) designed by the company making a shift in the world of car technology. Shalimar participated with it for the first time in the “Formula one Monaco”. It was then displayed in (Hotel Negresco), the hotel that’s considered as the most vintage hotel in France, and was placed in the lobby beside the important art works of great artists. The third station to show her work was the Louvre museum, which chose mini samples based on her art on the Formula One Monaco to be placed at the forefront of the gallery, as well as displaying the Porsche – one of her most important artworks - in the gallery’s main hall.

On this occasion, the artist Shalimar said that she is delighted with this special experience that differs from her previous ones with the louvre museum, where she witnessed this time what appeared to be a specialized gallery for the display of moving art. The art that broke the barrier of Initial surprise and entered the awareness of specialized international exhibition organizers as an independent art.

And for the first time we’ve witnessed miniature samples of her stunning art of the “Tork” owned by the Italian company, which has also created miniatures of the car with her art based on the inspiration from the original art work named “future car”, the company also numbered her designs from 1: 20 and only three of her designs were displayed along the main design in the gallery.

The CEO of Roberto Colantuoni company was very happy after the moving art not only became a reality, but also in some of the most important Institutions that celebrate fine art such as hotels, historical mansions, international galleries and international museums. The company will also be marketing for the new art product to take the forefront in the international artistic scene between art and industry.

The exhibition had a large artistic and media attendance, and was given special attention by the international and local media. At the head of the attendance were the friends of the international artist Shalimar Sharbatly including Professor Decorbiere, director of the American hospital in Paris, the famous lawyer Ellie Hatem, the biggest officials in the Italian company, as well as the artist’s mother, the director Omar Zahran and TV broadcaster Mona Iraqi, who filmed inside the louvre.