Abdul Latif Jameel Motors launches Saudi management trainee program

December 03, 2017
Management Trainee Program aims to attract the best Saudi talent in order to accelerate their careers and fulfill their skills and capabilities
Management Trainee Program aims to attract the best Saudi talent in order to accelerate their careers and fulfill their skills and capabilities

JEDDAH — The Saudi Arabian economy is currently diversifying at all levels, and the need to prepare future generations to play their part in the new economic environment is more important today than ever before. With this in mind, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, the authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles in the country, is taking action now to attract and train Saudi Arabian youth through its management trainee program.

The goal is to empower future generations economically and socially, and improve the talent base within Abdul Latif Jameel at the same time. In addition to its motivational work environment and various employee benefits, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors is devoting its attention to training Saudi Arabian employees – both male and female - across various specialties. This is based on the Japanese ‘kaizen’ principle of continuous improvement adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation, and the belief that preparing future leaders promotes and drives enterprises.

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has been keen on honing skills and encouraging innovation and creativity in the workplace. The company’s Management Trainee Program aims to attract the best Saudi Arabian talent in order to accelerate their careers and fulfill their skills and capabilities. The latter would strengthen the leadership of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which focuses on creating suitable job opportunities, as well as developing and investing in future generations.

The program was first introduced in the mid-1990s, and the development of Saudi Arabian leaders in various Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ departments has been underway for some time. These efforts have focused on core specialisms such as engineering, finance, marketing, administration and legal. So far, 215 people have graduated from the scheme and have held senior managerial positions in different departments.

Khalid Al Qarni, Executive Director of HR Operations and Recruitment at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, said: “Trainees spend the first two weeks of the Management Trainee Program at Abdul Latif Jameel Academy honing their skills and abilities. They learn about our departments and operations, including retail, vehicle logistics and guest services. Each trainee will stay in a department for almost nine months before being assigned roles that best suit their skills.”

During the training period, trainees have the opportunity to share experiences and expertise with each another, while meeting with former participants to hear about their achievements after taking on their managerial roles. Then, during the final month of the program, trainees undergo an extensive evaluation of their performance is areas such as planning, decision-making and interpersonal behavior. Finally, a decision is made regarding the best position for the trainee, and thus begins a journey to satisfy personal ambitions and goals.

“The program takes a tailored, unique approach adopted by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors to recruit distinguished Saudi Arabian men and women with bachelor's and master's degrees who have displayed leadership skills and ambition. Abdul Latif Jameel Motors provides those individuals with training that puts them on the path towards taking on senior roles in our businesses across Saudi Arabia” said Al Qarni.

This year’s program includes females for first time as the company looks to attract more Saudi Arabian women, which is also in line with Saudi Vision 2030. These women – especially those with leadership skills – will have the opportunity to progress their career in Abdul Latif Jameel.

“The program provides suitable working environments to perform their tasks, in addition to helping them practice innovation and productivity,” Al Qarni noted. — SG

December 03, 2017
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